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    ravingsbyrae: Sneaky peek. New lookbook coming tomorrow… Try to contain yourselves 😉

    “ Holley Mangold, the 323-pound woman in perfect physical shape, is highly favored to compete on the 2012 U.S. Olympic weightlifting team. ” Health is NOT, NOT, NOT equal to size!!!!!!

    Beauty in EVERY size: Photo

    fat does not equal unattractive

    submitted by : tasha71709

    Beauty in EVERY size, BBW Princess :)Princess Jasmine - BBW by ~JayTeeFa...

    redefiningbodyimage: Just a friendly reminder.

    realbodyrevolution:-Kate Winslet Such a powerful message!

    fullfigurefantasy: “ tdevil: “ Can I just say something? I prefer fat girls, and all that, and it’s fine, cool, whatever. You know what though? Skinny people don’t give a shit that I prefer fat girls....


    lovemeformexox: (via carlos-v)

    "Fat is an adjective not an insult." — http://redefiningbodyimage.tumblr.com/ — #fat #body #positive

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