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    R E M E M B E R (x) an instrumental mix for all of those who dream of traveling in space, commanding a star ship, and forming a bond with others that will never be broken.

    When people told themselves their past with stories, explained their present with stories, foretold the future with stories, the best place by the fire was kept for… The Storyteller.

    Songs you listened to in middle school and early high school that you probably know all the words to

    lady king. for women who conquer, with heels on skulls and golden rings. for women of power, with souls bright with crimson and lips curved in death; nails sharp like blades and painted in blood. a mix for those women who tilt their head up with regal derision.

    Showtunes are my jam; Showtunes that get stuck in your head

    get shit done | a playlist to get you through your work (and help you feel like a badass)

    SHUT UP! : for that dumb blogger who thinks it’s legit to talk about you 24/7. for the twitter users who are too dumb to lock their accounts before trash talking. for that friend who is…not really your friend at all! sit down and fix your Martini with their salty tears.

    late-90s and early-00s one hitters to scratch the nostalgic itch

    C A N C E L T H E A P O C A L Y P S E {listen} a mix for fighting kaijus

    HEADS WILL ROLL. a mix for jaeger pilots who are ready to kick some kaiju arse. | download | listen

    i really have no excuse for this fanmix, other than i was sorely disappointed at the lack of lady teams in pacific rim. so i made this. the jaeger in the picture was made using this app and it’s what i imagine my and ruth’s jaeger would look like. AH YEAH, SON. BOMB DIGGITY.

    BECAUSE I KNEW YOU. // a mix of female musical theatre duets: from sisters to friends, from mother and daughter to contenders in love

    for those times when you’re driving around town late at night, the wind in your hair and your music blaring and you feel like queen of the world

    [how about no] : a mix of the top no-dry-eye songs from musicals.

    i’m a bitter bitch—a playlist consisting of 79 angry and empowering songs for when breaking up isn’t so hard to fucking do, because who the hell needs those assholes, anyway?

    SO THE SUN TELLS THE MOON | a mix for jack frost from rise of the guardians

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