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Three-Dimensional printing, or Additive Manufacturing (AM), has been present in technology since the early 1980s, however only recently began to emerge within the mainstream conscience. The idea, pioneered by Hideo Kodama in 1981 and further refined by Chuck Hull in 1984, was made into a commercial reality in 1986 at Texas University. lythdesign.wordpr...

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Brent 💞

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Bashes - Sales Data dashboard from GoodData

After connecting to Wi-Fi and linking to a valid Amazon Fresh account, the Amazon Dash can scan the barcodes of items and automatically add that item to a shopping cart. Users can also say a general name of an item, like “carrots” or “eggs,” and the Dash will send the corresponding product to the cart as well. Users must approve the items within the cart for delivery, and then the shipment will show up to the door within 24 hours.

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Pinterest // San Francisco, CA

Windows Phone Duolingo Challenge screen

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