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    Photo of Andy Engel installing EPS insulation on the interior of a basement wall

    New Life for Old Double-Hung Windows | GreenBuildingAdvi...

    The Pumpkin Ridge Passive House combines a 2x6 stud wall and a Larsen truss system, both insulated with dense-pack cellulose.

    New Life for Old Double-Hung Windows

    Start at the bottom rung. The energy-saving measures at the bottom of the pyramid are much more cost-effective than those at the top. In fact, the top two measures on the energy conservation pyramid are almost never cost-effective. (Click on the picture to enlarge it.)

    Photo of Andy Engel installing EPS insulation on the interior of a basement wall

    Can I put Roxul over sheetrock? On the interior | GreenBuildingAdvi...

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    Rigid foam above roof sheathing 6.jpg (2364×2693)

    The walls in VolksHouse 1.0 use a combination of dense-packed cellulose and an EPS half-SIP for insulation.

    Wall, roof and floor assemblies in Andrew Michler's Colorado guest house are insulated with a combination of cellulose and mineral wool -- but no rigid foam.

    Like three blind men and an elephant, each part of the envelope sees the world differently. The roof suffers searing sun, pounding rain, and hail. The walls endure sideways wind and rain. The foundation is surrounded by dark, wet ground. The connections between these parts represent the greatest opportunities for energy savings.

    The book is generously illustrated with clear detail drawings. This illustration reminds readers that the walls of a skylight well need to be insulated, and the insulation needs to be protected by an air barrier on the attic side. Download a sample chapter

    A patchwork of rectangles and squares: the courtyard and home office viewed from the deck of the house. Recycled redwood siding joins the sections visually.

    This THERM file, generated by computer modeling software developed at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, shows an exterior wall of Karuna House and how the various layers of insulation perform.

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