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ways to lose weight fast

How to delete all your Facebook Activity #SocialMedia #Facebook

Saturated Fat Has Been Demonized. It's not the enemy it's been made out be.

Mike Todd was one of the greatest entrepreneurs of the 20th century. He once said: “I have been broke many times, but I have never been poor”. “Broke is a temporary inconvenience. Poor is a permanent state of mind”. Read the short article here: www.healthylifest...

What if I was to tell you that you don’t need a fitness program to lose weight and the very last thing you need is a diet. Would you want to know Why?

How could we go from the Pyramid Diet, into the arms of carbohydrate addiction and call it a new healthy lifestyle?

If you had a chance to see the two previous pages for my website, this is the 3rd and final one. I hope you like it enough to share it. It’s about a membership that’s unlike any you have seen before.

Your body does not adapt, it evolves. It has been pre-programmed, for centuries, to process the food it understands. When you diet your body has only one point of reference: Famine.

From A Diet To Addiction! We’ve gone from The Pyramid diet, right into the arms of a dangerous addiction!

My second product. When the addiction is gone, so is the weight. First step is to cure the addiction.

Not so long ago, diets were only meant for sick people. So what made us all begin to diet?

To suggest our body will adapt to any food we eat is ludicrous. We don’t adapt we evolve.

All four articles are now completed and posted. I hope you find them interesting and enjoyable. It has been a rewarding project for me!

We know all diets have a short term life. Most people accept that’s all they can expect. The weight will always return. But nobody wants to be reminded of that!

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