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Green Party Says It Is The Alternative to Warmongers and Special Interests

Statistics regarding campaign donations

As the Democratic bench stands nearly depleted, it would benefit the party to have Warren in the wings

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Utilities Wage War Against Solar Power. BOOO, WAR WAGING UTILITIES!

South Dakota Voters Lose Choice At Ballot Box. 3-26-15. Once again Republicans and Democrats try to suppress Independent candidates and voters!

Nowadays, social-media and politicians have nowadys become two correlated meanings. Every single Tweet counts.

How Ted Cruz Won His Senate Seat With Just 632,000 Votes in a State of 27 Million

American Prison System

In the most polite, folksy manner possible, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu came to Washington with a simple message: our policy on a nuclear-free Iran is wrong.

The Immigration Reform and Control Act was passed in 1986. It prohibits employers from knowingly hiring illegal persons for work in the U.S. This could be because either the individual is in the country illegally or their immigration/residency status does not allow employment. It also applies to employers, who after the date of hire, determines an employee is not legally authorized to work. Every employee is required to complete an I-9 to verify an employee's identity and eligibility to work.

The biggest concern for Americans in 2014 was government, politicians, and Congress amid a year of little legislative action and constant partisan fighting

Should Politicians Be Required to Pass a Test before Taking Office?-====== --they need it and we need our GOV to protect us from these corrupt individuals ie congressmen and judges---

Should Politicians Be Required to Pass a Test before Taking Office? A test for politicians before they can enter office or before chairing a committee that deals with a particular subject is not completely unreasonable.

During an MSNBC town hall event President Barack Obama called out Americans for not showing up to the polls on Election Day 2014. “Why are you staying at home?” Obama said. “Why are you not participating? There are war-torn countries, people full of poverty, who still voted 60, 70 percent. If here in the United States of America, we voted at 60 percent, 70 percent, it would transform our politics. Our Congress would be completely different.

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Why is marijuana a schedule I drug? It has proven medicinal/health benefits and NOBODY ever died from it. It is NOT addictive nor does it cause health damage and ultimately death like alcohol and tobacco!!! So for the love of God wise up and speak up in defense of cannabis and freedom to use a plant regardless of whether you yourself care to use it or not!! Pharmaceuticals KILL ppl everyday...can't say that about weed!!!!


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