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A Beginner’s Guide to Writing Descriptions – Part 1

Naming your characters is often step one in the writing process. Don’t let it hold you back. Create names using these quick tips so you can write your story.

A Beginner's Guide to Writing Descriptions

How to set up, and write, a description of something.

6 Tips for Writing a Knockout Fight Scene

Naming Your Characters – 4 Quick and Dirty Tips

By including little elements and details, you can add tremendous depth to your fantasy world.

Dialogue is one of the most powerful tools in a writer’s arsenal. Carefully crafted, it can draw readers back to your story again and again.

4 Tips for Naming Your Characters

How to approach writing a love scene. A strategy for writing intimate scenes.

Magical Creatures for Magical Worlds: The Phoenix

A guide to medieval blunt weaponry for writers.

How to handle crime and punishment in your fantasy world. A guide to developing a criminal justice system when worldbuilding.

By including little elements and details, you can add tremendous depth to your fantasy world.

How do you craft a villain so compelling that readers want more of him? By looking at my favorite villains, I have narrowed in on five common characteristics.

How to create believable characters in a fantasy setting.

Tips and ideas to help you write kick-ass characters that your readers will never forget.

How to show your character's transformation through smaller, believable milestones.

Seven great characters and the flaws that make them memorable.

What does it take to make a villain great? Tips for writing a villain.

How to use villains to shape the development of your protagonist.

How to write a synopsis with as little pain as possible. Tips for writers.

A guide to the varieties of Medieval armor. How to choose the right armor for your characters.

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