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    Nine more coffee drinks with clever nicknames (that I just made up)! Inspired by I ♥ Coffee’s infographic.

    This is NOT funny! Do people not realize that peanuts can kill people? Allergies aren't for your entertainment. Don't joke about it. This encourages food allergy bullying and is not okay.

    I’m coming to the Dark Side. I like cookies.

    Problems I’ve encountered while trying to use technology.

    I don’t even know how they get “diet water." H1O?

    This goes double for anything “my girlfriend made me for my birthday." Google image search - It works!

    Now that I put the idea out there, I await others doing the same and posting it on YouTube

    Not that it helps matters much…

    I swear to God this is true of every program on every platform. I have yet to see a confirmation dialogue that had the slightest purpose beyond wasting time and effort. “Move this?" [yes] “To where?" [here] “Are you sure?" [yes] “OK, I moved it." [OK] “So I’m done now." [dismissed]

    "Wah thah fwah fwah wah waah fwahhh!"

    "Why, that’s why God gave us chores, m’boy!"

    I think this every time I see the store come up in conversation.

    Now it’s time to meow at the door for twenty minutes so I can go outside for eight seconds.

    "But it’s salad, dummy! Fine, here." “See? I told you!"

    Even as a kid, I got what Mae West was getting at, but it put me off banana cream pies for a while.

    Because it’s pretty tempting when you run a seafood restaurant and your best friends are seafood.

    And yes, it’s perfectly safe to have the window down in hyperspace.

    Every time somebody asks "What's the easiest way to learn ___?", this is exactly what's going through their head. Any other answer will make them assume that you don't know what you're talking about.

    What I say every morning going through my newsfeed looking at the Great Wall of Snowden. And no, FOX-SNOOZE, he’s not a double agent for China. DuhHURR! And no, Naomi Wolf, he isn't some Borne Supremacy deep-double-agent or whatever you're trying to spin.

    It’s a shame, because NINe Inch Nails had the perfect soundtrack for it.

    We’re gonna need a bigger Woody.

    Never thought of that, did yah?

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