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aeroplane doodling…

hey tumblr, it sure has been a while. I’ve been all over the other social medias for a while but I might try update this blog a little bit more! in the meantime, find me on instagram (Sarah Carter), facebook and also take a peek at the new website I just created! prints & originals will be available to buy there soon.much love tumblr fam x x x

Tree froggy I drew in ‘09. Coloured pencils on black paper.Seems like the only decent art I’ve produced was during high school. :/

Little section of a new octopus I’m drawing. Full view coming soon..

So my last drawing seemed to spread across the internet like wildfire.. Pretty lost for words. Blessed!And hello to all new followers I gained from it. Sorry if I’m being a bit slow replying to your questions, I’ll get to them eventually. Promise!Anyway, here’s a jellyfish.

Birdy. PS, I’ve been using instagram a bit lately. If you do too, add sarsar. a.k.a SARSAR I draw pictures. Everything in this blog was drawn by me. I live in Perth, Australia. Contact me at hello.sarsar@gmai... or visit

sarah mccl◙skey

sarah mccl◙skey : Photo

i like the shading work here...

sarah mccl◙skey : Photo

sarah mccl◙skey : Photo

ink sketch

Octopus. 2009.Gouache on paper. Sarah McCloskey

Finished!Click for a better look.

Sarah Mccloskey


sarah mccl◙skey : Photo

Sarah McCloskey

sarah mccl◙skey : Photo

sarah mccl◙skey : Photo

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