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    Hey girl, I wish you would User-agent: RyanGosling Allow: / So I can explore every inch of you

    Hey Girl, I really like your on-page factors… Want to take things offsite?

    Hey girl - SEO NERD VERSION

    When 2 my favorite things (Ryan Gosling pictures and SEO) come together...

    Can't believe I just found SEO Ryan Gosling seoryangosling.tu...

    Hey girl, every time I look at you, my page rank goes up xx (submitted by Shelli) #ryangosling #seo

    Hey Girl, You’re the 301 Redirect, to my error 404

    hey girl, on a scale of 1 to 10, you’re a 10 +1 searchengineland....

    Hey Girl, I can see you’ve been content-modeling ‘cuz your on-page factors look great www.vaughns-1-pag...

    hey girl, for all the beautiful women in the world, you’re the rel=canonical

    RYAN GOSLING SEO - Google Search

    RYAN GOSLING SEO - Google Search

    hey girl, would you hold it against me, if I told you you have a great bounce-rate?

    Hey girl, if I have all the love in the world, I would 301 redirect it to you

    Hey girl, I have a lot of Outbound Links, but you’re the only one I Follow

    Hey girl, the only thing I want to know, is the algorithm to your heart

    hey girl, your eyes are like a 301 redirect loop, I could get lost in them forever

    hey girl, you’re at the top of my blogroll www.searchenginej...

    hey girl, you stand out in my mind like a rich snippet searchengineland....

    Hey girl, You’ll always be beautiful to me, like evergreen content

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