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    Most Amusingly Absurd Restaurant Chalkboards | Weird News | Someecards

    I used to think I was a good person.. Until I realized that all the rudest/meanest/wildly inappropriate ecards are the ones that register with me best.

    Hold on while I add this to my list of "Things I Don't Give a Fuck ...

    Oh look, it's I-don't-give-a-fuck-o'clock! | News Ecard

    According to my day planner, I don't give a fuck. | Confession Ecard

    Didn't give a fuck yesterday, don't give a fuck today, and in all ...

    Recent Studies show I still don't give a Fuck | Workplace Ecard

    Free, Breakup Ecard: You Play The Victim So Well. I'm Surprised You Don't Carry Around Your Own Body Chalk.

    I feel terrible getting my cat fixed and relegating it to the same sexless existence as me.

    I'm fine with being a cat lady if dating you is the alternative.

    Sorry I'm more emotionally available to my cat than I am to you.

    The next time my cat wakes me at 5:00 a.m. to be fed I'm probably going to get out of bed and feed it like I always do.

    Sometimes, people act weak or victimized so they can manipulate you into catering to them. Don't get played. | Get Well Ecard

    In case I don't make it through this thing they call graduate school, can I get my straight-jacket in pink?

    This is Officially how to carve a turkey. Argument settled.

    This is Officially how to carve a turkey. Argument settled.

    Sometimes I write "drink coffee" on my to-do list, just so I feel ...

    This proposal is coming along so smoothly, it practically writes itself! said no grad student ever.

    This goat was put in a tiger's pen as lunch, but now he's calling the shots.

    Way to adequately perform the duties of your job today.

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