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Study attributes varying explosivity to gaseous state within volcanic conduits

Servosila Introduces a Disaster Response Robot Engineer

Students develop mobile hybrid power system for disaster relief

Students develop mobile hybrid power system for disaster relief

MIT engineers hand 'cognitive' control to underwater robots When deploying autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs), much of an engineer's time is spent writing scripts, or low-level commands, in order to direct a robot to carry out a mission plan. Now a new programming approach developed by MIT engineers gives robots more "cognitive" capabilities, enabling humans to specify high-level goals, while a robot performs high-level decision-making to figure out how to achieve these goals. image: autonomous underwater vehicles await deployment on the deck of the Falkor, Western Australia

DARPA Aims to Accelerate Memory Function for Skill Learning A new DARPA program aims to investigate the role of neural "replay" in the formation and recall of memory, with the goal of helping people better remember specific episodic events & skills. The 24-month fundamental research program, Restoring Active Memory Replay or RAM Replay, is designed to develop novel & rigorous computational methods to help determine not only which brain components matter in memory formation & recall but also how much they matter. Engagement of the replay process, frequency of activation & time during which replay occurs can affect performance on tasks designed to assess performance of learned skills. Also, some studies have investigated modulation of subsequent memory recall via sensory cues or transcranial stimulation during sleep.

Hydrogen highway in the deep sea

06/15/2012 - India's capital in water crisis after supplies cut Mysterious cancer spreads among clams off N. America

200th anniversary of Tambora eruption a reminder of volcanic perils

After 60 million years apart, two fern genera form hybrid in the mountains of France

Myanmar finds rare white elephant: state media

Sinkholes and springs near Jordan River Jordan

Bacteria in marine sponges harvests phosphorus for reef community

Great Barrier Reef corals eat plastic

Living African group most populous humans over past 150,000 years. They are now a small group who call themselves "the first people".

wisconson-woodland-forest-bg.jpg (200×160)

I didn't realize it was THAT big! I thought maybe the size of a tall building...but look at the tall buildings in the foreground. This is not came from a science info site.

Kinkajou | ... kinkajou - and found the coatimundi had the largest frontal cortex

A voyage from the Earth's crust to its mantle and back again - A new study of the global cycle of these uranium isotopes brings additional perspectives to the debate on how the Earth has changed over billions of years

Evolution: Rock sponges split up

Sun may determine lifespan at birth: study

#Astronomy: Sun may determine lifespan at birth

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