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    California sea lion Doro (top) barks while resting next to her two-month-old baby Gina in their enclosure during their official presentation at Berlin Zoo August 17, 2010. Description from I searched for this on

    gorillas with babies | ... his showstopping performance, the gorilla relaxes in his mother's arms

    Rare: The pink hippo is 'leucistic' - a condition characterised by reduced pigmentation in animals and humans

    micro pig | Thaipanda+: Pig tales: Meet the house-trained micro pigs

    micro pig | Thaipanda+: Pig tales: Meet the house-trained micro pigs

    Polar Bear Snow Dens | ... Polar bears caught mucking about in the snow after a long hibernation

    Thaipanda+: Day of the jackal attack: Brave scavenger steals bone from vulture during vicious struggle

    The meerkat and the weird cat: Lion cub makes an unlikely new best friend

    This little piggy: Melissa White with her younger sister Alice and their pet porker Henry, who they bought thinking he was a micro-pig but turned into a real hog

    Thaipanda: Fastest koala in the west: Lucky marsupial gets stuck in car grill after being hit at 50mph... and survives

    Thaipanda: The round robin: Roly-poly bird who looks like he's swallowed a Christmas bauble.

    a flock of starlings flying in formation at a Somerset nature reserve

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