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    OptiScoop acts like a syringe for powdered drinks. Its narrow form lets it fit into water bottles and small pouches. It has holes at the back that let air out so you can pack it with up to 100g of powder. Each pack contains a 20ml scoop, a 30ml scoop and a pouch.

    A picnic blanket that looks like an oriental rug. The Picnic Lounge measures 82x 107 and has a zippered pouch. It comes with a carrying strap, a brush and oversized pins to secure the blanket to the ground.

    Pizzacraft's stovetop pizza oven heats up to 600ºF in as fast as 15 minutes and bakes up to a 12 pizza in as little as 6 minutes. It has a built-in thermometer, a moisture-vent and a mineral surface that evenly distributes heat.

    This lighter uses tiny bolts of electricity to light smokes, candles, and more. Its X shaped beams ensure fast lighting, and it's both wind and water resistant. Recharge via USB. Choose black ops, chromium, or titanium finishes, and save 28% off in The Awesomer Shop.

    Néit has designed luggage that is waterproof and has a hard case, yet collapses to reduce its volume by up to 70%. It also has four 360º wheels, a carabiner-style handle and optional GPS tracking. Available as a 6.5lb 38L carry-on or as a 10lb 90L check-in suitcase.

    A compact titanium-alloy multitool. Use it as a universal wrench, a hex bit driver, a flat or a wide head screwdriver and a pry bar. It comes with a steel insert that's a finger-safe box opener on one end and a fork on the other end. It also fits standard utility blades.

    While serving fancy ice spheres and cubes in cocktails is a pretty popular trend these days, this is the first time we've seen a cocktail served from inside an ice sphere. Cocktail Chemistry shows us how to prepare this very special drink.

    Enter now to win your choice of one of two awesome laser-cut wood wall maps (any country or state) from Beer Cap Maps. Challenge yourself to fill the whole thing with regional brews. Don't drink? Raise the stakes and find local soda bottles.

    Multitalented musician Kawehi's latest track is yet another wonderful cover version, made entirely her own. While it might not be immediately apparent, she's transformed Led Zeppelin's classic track Ramble On into a punchy electro-pop groove.

    Prepare to have fun fun fun fun... YouTuber Mike Diva made a parody trap track using clips from the infamous kazoo episode of a little known '80s TV show called Special Friends. You can buy the extended mix on Mike's Bandcamp.

    The extended version of Audi's big Super Bowl 50 spot is a tribute to the space program, David Bowie, our elders, and awesome sports cars all in one, as a retired astronaut is lost until he gets a chance to drive Audi's 205mph R8 supercar.

    Make sure to always wear a loose hoodie to hide your power level. Casually Explained outlines the three fundamental ingredients that you need to have on your quest to not fit in doorways anymore.

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