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by Anton Seder (1850-1916)

compendium-of-beasts: Dinornis robustus, now Dinornis novaezealandiae, 25 October 1867 via Auckland City

#anencéphalie || #Anencephaly c. 1890’s (Anencephaly is a neural tube defect that occurs when the cephalic end of the neural tube fails to close, resulting in the absence of a major portion of the brain, skull, and scalp.) by vintagegal:

astrotastic: 14-billion-years-later: A CT Scan of Young Mammoth.Lyuba is the best preserved mammoth known to science and weighing in at a dainty 50 kg (110 lb) also one of the cutest. At her time of death Lyuba was only 1 month old and it’s believed she suffocated in thick mud which at the same time is responsible for her almost pristine condition. The young mammoth itself was discovered in 2007 in Russia’s Yamal Peninsula. Science!

artparasite: Bone Poster, Teagan White - - - Follow Teagan White on Tumblr HERE!


taxidermy-in-art: Noe Sendas

~Wunderkammer~ : Photo

biscodeja-vu: The Hellmouth (entrance to Hell) being locked by an Archangel.of the Winchester Psalter, England, 12th Cent.

Check out my extremely random collection of cool animated gifs at Giffy Giffington. You’ll be glad you did!

jennikeatts: My fetus I completed the other day! In charcoal and ink

denizensofearth: From the Handbuch der Naturgeschichte aller drei Reiche (Manual of the Natural History of the Three Kingdoms), Stuttgart,1850.

heracliteanfire: Digital print; assemblage of historic museum labels. Made by Rebecca Jewell while Artist in Residence on the Melanesia Project at the British Museum, 2006. (via British Museum)

affairemortal: Wondrous Curiosa

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