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17 ways To Use The Curiosity Gap To Start Real Life Conversations

The future of customer service is stalking your customers (Vooza)

Ridiculous! Jelfies are when you combine jumping photos with selfies.

User interface artist turns tragedy into beauty with web form (Vooza)

What Ryan Gosling and vikings can teach you about branding (Vooza)

Why the tech world loves bullsh*t metrics

Is social media bringing us together or tearing us apart? (Vooza)

Is social media bringing us together or tearing us apart? (Vooza)

Vooza’s CEO offers up an unhealthy dose of founder philosophy and productivity tips. He explains why he’s anti-schedule, prefers email, thinks code is like poetry, and takes inspiration from chefs. He also reveals the secret to work-life balance and the key question to ask during job interviews. Startup founders everywhere, take note!

Marketers get a bad rap. That’s why Vooza‘s VP of Marketing prefers to be called a Curator of Promotional Ideas. In this video, she explains why tech is her true passion, the company motto that sets Vooza apart, and why she’s obsessed with both Python and Barbra Streisand.

Success stems from working 10 times harder than anyone else and displaying a domination mentality. That’s why 10X is a core value at Vooza. Now watch this video, you wimp!

Our programmers are rebels who reject the dogma of the coding world. In this video, they discuss Ruby on Rails, programming schedules, a creative use for handcuffs, The Settlers of Catan, and why they prefer to be called code pigs.

Writing code and developing software are the same thing. WRONG! Programming is typing, not thinking. WRONG! What matters most is how many years you’ve been a developer. WRONG! In this video, Vooza’s programmers dispel these (and other) commonly held myths about software development. Bonus: You’ll also learn the right answers to the Chicken Question and the Fizz Buzz Test.

Vooza’s mission is to do something meaningful and make the world a better place – the way corporations have always done. Listen up as Vooza’s Senior VP of Marketing explains the ideals that guide our company.

At Vooza, our main focus is getting funding. We’ve met with all the big VC firms and learned a lot. In this video, we discuss how much cash you need to build a successful app, getting money vs. advice, the problem with constraints, cage-free ideas, Ramen profitability, and vision. We have SO much vision.

Vooza’s CEO and VP of Biz Dev share insights about what it takes to craft a great pitch. Hint: It involves storytelling, passion, a willingness to fail, and Mongolian monks.

How did Vooza get its name? It involved a lot of tequila, a linguistics professor, and a strobe light. Hmm…maybe we should have gone with Frunjé. (If you need a name for your company or brand, Eat My Words works with companies to create unforgettable brand names and taglines.)

ODing on GTD? Too many productivity blogs? Constantly reading Paul Graham essays and Seth Godin books? You might be an entrepornography addict. Take this test to find out if you’ve gone too far with productivity porn.

Design by committee = too many cooks in the kitchen! Sarah’s redesigning the home page and everyone has an opinion. Should it contain more Raw Umber or should it look more like Wolverine’s web site? The team offers up its thoughts and that’s never good.

NSFW. That describes this video and the new Vooza logo. But there’s some debate as to what body part it resembles.

Vooza’s CEO gives an inspirational talk at The Next Web conference in Amsterdam.

A hackathon is a great way to deliver passion, caffeine, and free labor.

There are a few launch issues at the new Vooza site, but the marketing and engineering departments have very different outlooks on them.

Find out about the unique office perks available at Vooza. A primal scream room, ‘see-through walls’ and an inspirational foosball table are just some of the ways employees are kept happy.

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