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The Heat Is On - Wildlife Conservation Society

Big Cats - Wildlife Conservation Society

La selva de Colombia tiene una población diversa de animales. Es importante proteger estas selvas por sus recursos naturales y por ser el casa de muchos animales.

This link is to the Wildlife Conservation Society and gives you information on endangered wildlife and how you can help. This site gives you the opportunity to choose from the list of animals, see what is killing them and how to help. The Wildlife Conservation Society gives specific information on each animal and why they made it on the list.

Ian Somerhalder Stands Up For Elephants - Wildlife Conservation Society

Teacher Professional Development - Wildlife Conservation Society

Wildlife Conservation Society

American Bison Society

Wildlife Conservation Society: Battle for the Elephants

Wildlife Conservation Society: Battle for the Elephants

Markhor Goat

aww daddy n baby

Interns and Volunteers - Wildlife Conservation Society

Snow leopards are well adapted to the harsh habitats of Asian mountain ranges, with long tails to help keep balance on steep terrain and thick coats. Poachers continue to hunt this cat for its lush fur. - Wildlife Conservation Society

The cheetah is the fastest land mammal on Earth, capable of running 64 miles per hour. These cats range widely and need large areas of undisturbed land with sufficient wild prey to survive. Suitable cheetah habitats, however, are becoming increasingly scarce. - Wildlife Conservation Society

The jaguar has a powerful, compact body built for stealth and sudden attacks. Revered by cultures throughout the Americas, jaguars face mounting challenges as humans convert their habitat for other uses. - Wildlife Conservation Society

Simba, the Swahili word for lion, means king. This majestic cat once roamed throughout Africa and Asia. Asiatic lions are almost extinct, and in Africa, lions face a shaky future. - Wildlife Conservation Society

Leopards are highly adaptable cats, and all nine subspecies of leopard were once common throughout most of Africa and Asia. Today, however, the Amur leopard is considered the world’s rarest cat, with just 25 to 40 individuals remaining in a sliver of habitat along the Russian-Chinese border. - Wildlife Conservation Society

The average adult grizzly bear weighs between 300 and 600 pounds. Despite its fearsome reputation, this icon of the North American wilderness is vulnerable in the face of an increasingly fragmented landscape. - Wildlife Conservation Society

The Andean or Spectacled bear has light fur resembling huge glasses around its eyes. These bears once had a safe haven in the undeveloped Andes foothills, but deforestation is causing populations to shrink. - Wildlife Conservation Society

This solitary and strange-looking mammal that resembles a cross between a giraffe and a zebra lives only in the forests of the Democratic Republic of Congo. WCS helped safeguard the species by creating the Okapi Wildlife Reserve in 1992. - Wildlife Conservation Society

The yearly migrations of huge herds of white-eared kob in Southern Sudan rival that of wildebeest on the famed Serengeti Plains. The animals can cover nearly 1,000 miles a year. - Wildlife Conservation Society

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