Fill the middle vase with flowers and the outer vase with candy of choice. Love!

Take two different size vases and sprinkle candy hearts between them and voilà: the perfect centerpiece for your Valentine's Day party decor! (You can by cheap vases from the dollar store.) use this for any holiday, or to add decoration to a vase.

Movie night on Valentine's Day for the kids....cute to have waiting for them when they come home from school (:

"You make my heart POP" valentine for the spouse/significant other. OR you could offer individual bags of microwave popcorn to your children's class mates for Valentine's with the saying- "You make my heart POP!

valentine diy gifts

Springtime Mickey Bark

for teacher Teachers gifts~ Baby Shower Gift inspire co. love this! valentine gifts from teacher to student

Valentine's Popcorn!

Valentines Popcorn

Pink popcorn - melt white chocolate, add food coloring and pour over the popcorn, carefully turning it to coat all sides. Use a baking sheet to spread out the popcorn and make this task easier.

Great valentines gift for teachers

Great valentines gift for teachers Winter Wedding Decor - WOW! shabby chic Teenagers gift basket with a movie pass. This site has many gift .

AHH!! These are so cute for when I finally have kids and they need to bring valentines to school!!

A sweet shovel Valentine's Day Craft/Gift (I dig you!, Here's the scoop on Valentine's Day!, It's Valentine's Day--dig it!, You've got the scoop on me!

I Dig U - Homemade valentine crafts for Keely's bffs at school :-)

I Dig U - **idea** Shedden get a plastic shovel for your dirt pie and write a little love note on the back of "I dig you" awwwww!

great valentine idea for the kids

Over 100 of the best printable Valentine Cards that share a cute saying that can be paired with a small treat. Perfect for a whole classroom of kids.

Adorable, non candy Valentines for when Lydia starts school.

(Not a snack, but a cute Valentine gift idea) bubbles with a tag that read, "Valentine, you make my heart float!

More ideas
Holy Craft: Classroom Valentine's Round up

Classroom Valentine's Round up

Made these Pop Rock Valentines. 3 packs of Pop Rocks at the Dollar store and they had bags with hearts on them to put them in. Turned out super cute!

monkey bulletin board sayings - Yahoo Search Results

Valentine's day monkey I'm bananas for you, use dried banana chips instead of banana runts

Bouncy Balls from Oriental Trading.. Free Printable from this site.. = cheap, quick, easy valentine for a class full of preschoolers!

ONE MORE...SIMPLE Homemade Valentine Card & ***FREE PRINTABLE

{Hartmann's class loved these!} "You make my heart BOUNCE" Valentine Gift Idea - Includes Free Printable!

Free printable Goldfish cracker tags

DIY foodie Valentine's Day classroom treats

Valentine Goldfish "Will You o'FISH'ally be my Valentine?" or Day Goldfish "You are o'fish'ally 100 days smarter!

Valentine's Day Cards for Kids

Goldfish Crackers — and 8 Other Foods I Hate Now That I'm a Parent

for teacher Teachers gifts~ Baby Shower Gift inspire co. love this! valentine gifts from teacher to student

Cute kids Valentine gift, so much cooler than Vday cards!

Valentine, I am glad we're in the same school! So cute, fish in fish bowl Valentine's. Use goldfish crackers or Swedish Fish.

Valentine, you make me loopy!  Cute and you can get straws at Walmart or the dollar store!

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Valentine, you make me Loopy! All at Walmart: Loopy Straws in the birthday supply isle, 6 for Pretzels bags by the Wilton Cake supplies, scrapbook paper, Avery round labels in office supply. Or I love you like a kid loves a crazy straw!

Bear Hugs, using teddy gram crackers and gummy bears

Valentine's Day- "Bear Hugs," Teddy Grahams and gummy bears. I think I'd add Hershey Hugs, too. Very cute Valentine idea!