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Container Gardens

Enjoy nonstop color all year long with beautiful container gardens for your porches and patios.

Container Gardens

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Bring Spring Indoors | Here, we've paired an assortment of popular bulbs with an industrial-style galvanized-metal container you might find at a flea market, antiques store, or online. Search local garden centers for inexpensive forced bulbs.

Indoor Container Gardening Ideas

Impatiens & Dwarf Spruce | Use impatiens to accent porches and entryways. Here, a skirt of coral impatiens surrounds a dwarf Alberta spruce.

Impatiens & Dwarf Spruce
  • Karen Cockerham
    Karen Cockerham

    It is never a good idea to plant flowers around the base of a Dwarf Alberta Spruce, like the one in the photo. When other plants touch the needles of this spruce, the spruce will develop bare spots where the plants touch it. Seeing this photo makes me cringe, because I know what that spruce will look like at the end of the season when the new guinea impatiens die.

Create a Stunning Fall Hydrangea Arrangement - Southern Living

Create a Stunning Fall Hydrangea Arrangement

Romantic Stair Step Pots | 'Caliente Pink' geraniums, 'Surfinia Rose Veined' petunias, and 'Techno Heat Light Blue' lobelias create a soft and feminine color palette for this doorstep welcome. |

101 Container Gardening Ideas

Pink Nature-Inspired Planters | The natural hues of the sweet potato vine and pennisetum make the trio of pink geraniums, petunias, and angelonias pop. |

101 Container Gardening Ideas

Add a Tropical Punch | Bringing the Tropics to your doorstep is a breeze with this combo: giant-leaved, sunny ‘Maui Gold’ elephant’s ear; heavily blooming, fiery orange SunPatiens; velvety, fragrant citronella plant; purple iridescent Persian shield; and a heavenly skirt of angel vine spilling down the sides. |

101 Container Gardening Ideas

Plant a Basil Herb Garden | Flavor your summer meals with the season's best herb. |

Plant a Basil Herb Garden
  • Susan Montella
    Susan Montella

    Already did it!

How to Plant Bulbs in a Container - planting in fall and leaving outside during winter will bring forth better blooms because of the exposure to winter cold!

How To Plant Bulbs in Containers

Decorate Your Table Create a party centerpiece and then re-plant outside later.

Plant These Bright Ideas

Welcome with Color Plant a flat-sided basket with your faves and hang on the door.

Plant These Bright Ideas

Think Big: Complement the scale of your home with the right size pots. Bonus: Larger containers mean you’ll water less. Add paint: Customize your look by painting the pots to match the trim on your home. Apply two coats, and let dry completely prior to planting. Stack ’em up: Position the larger pot first, fill with potting soil, and then top with the smaller pot, placing it toward the back. Plant Smart: Place tall in the back, texture in the middle, and trailing toward the front.

Plant These Bright Ideas
  • Kickshaw, Inc.
    Kickshaw, Inc.

    I've done a version of this - great project! Beautiful results!

Create Your Own Custom Garden Southern Living has done the work for you. We’ve selected plants that grow well together and show off nonstop blooms all summer long. Add instant style to your front door, deck, or patio. Garden expert Carmen Johnston shows you how to get ready for entertaining with the Southern Living Color Collection found only at The Home Depot. Click through for the Step-by-Step Video

Plant These Bright Ideas
  • Jake Conner
    Jake Conner

    Looks great !

Tulips, Pansies, Acorus, Heuchera, Ivy and Fern | Pair your tulips with Lavender Blue' and 'Purple Wing' Plentifall pansies, acorus, heuchera, variegated ivy, and 'Tiger' fern (a selection of Boston fern). |

101 Container Gardening Ideas
  • Sherry Koenig
    Sherry Koenig

    I may do this in an indoor pot just get a bit of spring in the air early.

  • Josee Santo
    Josee Santo

    I love the variety of flowers, and the variety in color. So pretty!

Twinspurs, Violas and Kale | March weather is unpredictable, so for those cool days, try the prolific pink blooms of 'Strawberry Sundae' twinspurs (Diascia hybrid). They will keep looking great even when temperatures fluctuate. |

101 Container Gardening Ideas

Cheery Chrysanthemums | Nothing ushers in autumn like mums. Slip them between the coleus from your summer pots for a big show of color. |

Best Ideas for Fall Container Gardening

Strawberry Jar Violas | Violas are a beautiful and easy-to-maintain plant for the fall, blooming even longer than pansies. This strawberry jar features a striking combination of ‘Sorbet Plum Velvet’ and ‘Sorbet Icy Blue’ violas. |

Best Ideas for Fall Container Gardening
  • Fran Weissing
    Fran Weissing

    Strawberry jar

Vibrant Seasonal Pot | This explosive combo combines seasonal favorites like eye-catching purple fountain grass, ‘Fireworks’ gomphrena, and ‘Bandana Red’ lantanas for colorful blooms. Add sweet potato vines for an extra pop at the bottom. This pot will last until your first frost. |

Best Ideas for Fall Container Gardening

Show-Stopping Autumn Window Box | Dwarf Alberta spruce acts as a focal point for this fall-focused window box, while kales, pansies, and violas provide fall colors and textures. For a bit of romance, English ivy cascades over the sides of the box. |

Best Ideas for Fall Container Gardening

Bright Gold Fall Container Gardens | Pansies and violas are the easiest way to add long-lasting color to a fall container garden. This container creates a sunny color scheme with ‘Ogon’ golden sweet flag, ‘Matrix Yellow Blotch’ pansy, and ‘Penny Clear Yellow’ viola. |

Best Ideas for Fall Container Gardening

Stunning Marigold Fall Container | The sun's lower angle causes the ribs and veins of ‘Red Gaint’ mustard to glow white to chartreuse in contrast to its deep maroon foliage. ‘Bonanza Harmony’ Marigolds bring a burst of autumn orange and yellows to this fall container, while ‘Angelina’ sedums tie it all together. |

Best Ideas for Fall Container Gardening
  • Princess Mississippi
    Princess Mississippi

    i love this!!! so beautiful!!

  • Carmen Castellano
    Carmen Castellano


  • Marcia Thompson-Weekes
    Marcia Thompson-Weekes

    Beautiful and unusual combo. Will try to recreate it.

Plant Your Walls | Transform any bare vertical spot into a lush living wall with this simple and smart planting system. |

Plant Your Walls

If summertime means lake time, then don't forget the dock. Add a splash of color in a red, white, and blue palette to the spot where you'll enjoy it most. |

Plant a Patriotic Container

Easy DIY Container Gardens | Boxwood Container |

How To Plant a Boxwood Container

Easy DIY Container Gardens | Succulent Container |

How To Plant a Succulent Container Garden

Easy DIY Container Gardens | Annual Container |

How To Plant an Annual Container