Great idea for all the stuffed animals! I'm not letting my girls collect this many though! :)

"storage ideas - stuffed animal zoo" I had a giant hanging hammock above my bed that held all my stuffed animals when I was a kid. But the whole idea of building a little cage and calling it "The Zoo" to hold animals is adorable.

Scrabble idea for the nursery walls. First & middle names.

Scrabble idea for the nursery walls. First middle names.or husband/wife.then add kids as they come along

Good idea for my sister... She'll have to have like 4 of those though.

30 Ways For Kids to Use Up Energy Without Leaving the House

Cutest Dress up closed DIY. Now the dress up costumes can have its own dedicated "closet" and at the same time it decorates the little ones space. Or make a smaller one to hang up and store doll clothes. Adorable idea for a little girl!

DIY Bookshelf from (Crates around $10 from Home Depot or JoAnn's and used paint that costs ~$2.50 for the sample cans from Lowe's)

DIY Bookshelf Made From Crates

DIY Bookshelf made from crates you can get at Joann's. Also like the idea of painting crates to use as storage bins in the playroom, craft room, and pantry!

More ideas
Playroom idea - I like the buckets hanging under the chalkboard. Though is use marker board. Less dust/mess.

Inspiring Homeschool Rooms

Absolutely love this Playroom or School Room Setup! Chalkboard with buckets & sweet book display for playroom

A CUP OF JO: San Francisco apartment tour (500-square-feet!). Una pared cubierta con metal imantado es genial para la habitación infantil.

Tack a piece of sheet metal to the wall for magnet fun. Great idea for kids room, kitchen and play room.

Use my vertical chalk board horizontally in the play room.

kids writing on chalkboard wall. Great use of a hallway. Hang kids art and maybe backpacks on top, kids playroom ideas

KIDS PLAYROOM CHALKBOARD For Sale 53"x28" Huge Magnetic Kids Playroom Decor Ideas Long Rectangular Chalk board - ExTRA LaRGE Black Framed on Etsy, $224.00

Kids Playroom Chalkboard For Sale Huge Magnetic Kids Playroom Decor Ideas Long Rectangular Chalk board.

masterpieces (Did something similar but not the same.  Used a big picture frame, diff. levels of ribbon, clothes pins; and of course the masterpiece sign!  Love it!)

A great idea for displaying children's art! I like the idea of setting up a craft area for the kids with a place to display their art.

Montage: 30 Kids Rooms with Teepees

Montage: 30 Kids Rooms with Teepees

Books and literary art

cute little book nook reading center for kid's bedroom or playroom - just frame favorite book covers, hang letters to spell out read, and add low shelves for kids to reach books. would like to use the ikea spice racks that are super cheap for shelving.

My 4 Tips for Creating a Kids Art Wall

My 4 Tips for Creating a Kids Art Wall (Danielle Oakey Interiors)

Simple and cute way to display kids art in play room. Creating a kids' art wall. This would be so adorable in a kids play room. Corner area where they can draw and painting all day. Then display their work for all to see.

Princess Dressing Area (Little Girl's Room Details) - Yellow Bliss Road

Princess Dressing Area (Little Girl's Room Details

Playroom with bright rug. **my vision for the study!!**

Playroom with bright rug. Would love a bigger playroom in our future house to fit a couch and TV