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Geboortekaartje / birthcard

its a boy baby announcement. hahahahahahahahaha i cant stop laughing -- OMG. If I ever have kids an its a boy I'm aoooooo Doingthis


I read this as "trust people who HAVE big butts" and that excited me. because I have a big butt.


The do's, don'ts, and OH GOD NONONONONONONONO's of men's fashion. Though I tend to disagree with the cutoff shorts thing, to each his own.

Doodles | Анлийский язык по Skype

A poem about mornings: Coffee, Coffee, Coffee, Coffee, Coffee. Everyone shut up.

best wine glass ever.

End your hectic day by drowning out your troubles with help from the rough day wine glass. The novelty design helps you gauge how much wine to serve depending on whether you’ve had an easy day, rough day, or a “don’t even ask” type of day.