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Celtic Mermaid of Carrick

Celtic Mermaid by Ruthie Redden / Mermaid of Carrick print and folklore booklet by MythWeaver (****Duplicate Pin)

celtic knot work and kitties

bad-mojo: “ Almighty viking kitties (They are Moofse’s and Vincent’s babies) ” :)

Celtic Knot

The Celtic Knot is one of the most recognized and well known designs in Celtic jewelry & art. Knot designs are found throughout ancient ston.

celtic motherhood knot

celtic symbol for motherhood - Bing Images considering a "bee" theme if it's a girl. love that this kind of looks like a bee

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Celtic Skull 2-Not a tattoo, but maybe I could combine my love of sugar skulls with my intense love of my irish heritage? hmm

Celtic warriors would often take the skulls of their victims and carve ornate knot artwork on them as a trophy. To the victor goes the spoils!

Celtic Spirals in Beautiful Colors

Celtic Spiral Christmas Ornament

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