Community helpers project

Community helpers project-have them draw what their favorite helper is or which they would want to be when they grow up

community helpers #whenigrowup activity...bulletin board

Community Helpers

LC- Students write about what they want to be when they grow up. Emphasis on them being community helpers. Its important for students to know that they can be community helpers too.

▶ The Berenstain Bears - On The Job (1-2) - YouTube Total of both parts 10 min.

Play & Learn Community Helpers for Children Learn Series - Our Helpers - Videos For Kids. This video provides information about those people who play a very .

Students don’t JUST need to know the rules.  They need to know *why* following these rules is important.  This fabulous cause-effect response page gets students thinking about why their rules are needed.

Scholastic News First Grade: September Themes and Supplemental Resources