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Understanding exposure

Speed vs Shutter One of the hardest concepts to understand in photography is exposure. Partly because it is an abstract concept rather than an apparentl.

Great basic aperature info for people learning how to use "real" cameras.  My best tip is to remember that it's backwards from what you think it should be.  The bigger the f-stop number, the smaller the opening.  Summary is the f-stop affects depth of field (how far away objects can be and still remain in focus) and the amount of light you let in.  Smaller f-stop = more blur, more light.

Get to Know Your Camera Better With This Easy-to-Understand Lesson on Apertures

probably the most comprehensive natural lighting tutorial you will find on my pinterest board.  annie rocks.  :)

Tutorial on making eyes pop and sparkle and tips and tricks to finding the perfect lighting for your photos! By Annie Manning of Paint the Moon Photography Actions.