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Resources and ideas for Spanish Teachers to use in class


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How Shakira and The minions can teach Spanish students the difference between Me Gusta and Me Cae bien, Me Cae mal

Me gusta versus Me cae : To like in Spanish

How to use Spain's La Liga as a year long activity in your Spanish class or as a 1-2 day webquest

Teaching clothing unit in Spanish. This post has tons of authentic resources.

Resources for LA ROPA unit

Brain Break Hand Game | Students recite Chocolate and Mariposa into syllables.

Chocolate Mariposa Spanish Hand Games

Celebrar el fin del año con estos premios! End of year awards in Spanish

Celebrate Culture in our WL classrooms not stereotypes! #MoreThanSombreros Represent the Spanish Speaking countries of Central America and South American with this cultural showcase! 20 Images to use as Powerpoint Backgrounds (Powerpoint is also included!) feature the name, capital, flag, site of interest, and "stamp" for each country.

Hispanic Countries Powerpoint Backgrounds

Mexico is #morethansombreros It is s rich culture. Mexico es #masquesombreros Es una cultura rica.

Cinco de Mayo Meme

Spanish Teacher Memes

Over 10 ready to use lesson plans for Spanish Food Unit. Recursos de comida para la clase de espanol

Play Bingo in your Spanish Class, but call out descriptions of the words, not just a translation. Get this ready for use bingo game with food vocabulary.

Spanish Food Vocab Bingo

Call and response signals in Spanish

Call and Response Signals

Teacher Review: "I like how I can drag and drop the pages out of the powerpoint right into my own powerpoints. That makes it really practical. I've gotten fantastic ideas for my lessons from simply looking at the file. For a first year teacher this is a life saver! " Spanish bellringers

Spanish Bell ringers

Engaged your students with these authentic memes in Spanish.

Get ready for Cesar Chavez Day, which is March 31. Here are some resources to teach your students about this important American.

Cesar Chavez Day

Webquest for Spanish Clothing Unit using Corte Ingles: "My students loved this activity! They liked going to an authentic Spanish store/website and looking at the styles. Many were surprised to discover the same brands that we have in the US. They learned a wide variety of vocabulary for shopping online by completing this web quest. "

Taco Bell is not Mexican Food!

Spanish Teacher Memes

Do you need help improving your reading, speaking and listening in #French and/or #Spanish? Subscribe to today

Language Teachers' Cafe: Question of the Week: Sub Plans: 5 teachers share their emergency sub plans

Question of the Week: Sub Plans Part 1

An editable 16 song bracket template. Type in the names of the songs. Idea: Have each quarter be a genre of music so students listen to different types of music.

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    Frances Joy Santiago

    I'm doing this with my students right now and they LOVE it.

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    Spanish Plans

    Thanks! Would love to see what their brackets look like? email me at or tweet at spanishplans

One of our favorite March lessons. Using a elimination bracket, students listen to songs in the target language and choose their favorite to advance. March Madness Music Bracket for Spanish class.

18 authentic readings from a Mexican teen magazine. Read as teens tell their most embarrassing moment, where your students will naturally see the tenses of the imperfect tense and the preterite tense from a story. Tragame Tierra!

One of my favorite lessons in Spanish class and my students love it just as much! Great way to review or recycle vocabulary as students create their own animal and describe it.

Spanish Drag and Match games. Would be great tool for smart board review in class or to assign for students to practice at home.

Drag-n-Match Spanish Matching Games

5 of our most provoking posts; ones that lead to some good discussions. We'd love for you to continue the discussions. We all learn when we share our perspective.

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Over 150 resources for your Spanish class, including Bell Work, Authentic Resources, Projects, Speaking activities, Listening activities, worksheets, and more!