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    A four day lesson plan using the video Alma as a MovieTalk in your Spanish class.

    Alma MovieTalk lesson

    Que Hace un Pez T-shirt for Spanish Teachers.

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    Projects and Games for Spanish Class

    Projects and Games

    Example interpersonal speaking communication rubric

    Communication Rubric

    This worksheet is a graphic organizer/project for students to write out the activities they do during the day. They can practice their daily routine vocabulary including reflexive verbs such as getting up, getting dressed, and going to bed.

    Mi Horario Diario Las Rutinas Project

    Printable Spanish Travel Documents Templates

    Travel Documents

    Spanish Memes and Comics about Food

    Videos y Fotos for LA COMIDA unit

    Spanish Conjugations Verb Card Present Tense and Past Tense via SpanishTeacherSho...

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    All of the lyrics from Jesse y Joy's album Un Besito Mas condensed to the Top 50 words using wordle.

    Un Besito Mas

    Free download: Get your Spanish Students making their own New Year's Resolutions in español. Includes comic in spanish describing New Years Resolutions, list of typical resolutions, resolutions for a teacher, and a prompt for students to write their own "Propósitos"

    Propositos para el Ano Nuevo

    Thanks to the internet, you are never a department of one. The free exchange of ideas and collaboration is rampant on the web. Check out these amazing collections of authentic resources


    Performance a la mode. Using an ice cream cone to talk about performance and proficiency in Spanish class

    Promoting Performance

    Letter requirements for "Una Carta a Santa". Students practice writing what they WANT using "Quiero"

    Escribir una carta a Santa

    Resources for Navidad en Spanish Class:

    Escribir una carta a Santa

    Authentic Resource from a Mexican Teen Magazine with interpretive reading tasks. Via Spanish Teacher Shop.

    Authentic Resources

    Give a colleague or your child's Spanish Teacher a gift for their classroom including our Spanish Speaking Country Passport Stamps, Spanish classroom posters, or a fun t-shirt. All exclusives from SpanishTeacherSho...

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    La maestra me llamó y yo no prestaba atención Spanish minion poster.

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    Elf on the Shelf for Spanish Class: Students describe donde está el duende.

    Elf on the Shelf in the WL Classroom: Day 1


    Communication Rubric

    This Spanish Storytelling Lesson is a five day lesson using the video "Alma", a short animation movie. This story can be adapted to fit the needs of any level. Includes an editable story for students to read, a handout of 15 scenes for students to re-tell the story, a PDF of the scenes to import to the app ExplainEverything so students can record a narration, and a writing template page with rubric.

    Alma MovieTalk Storytelling Lesson

    Give students a bingo card of 20 useful Spanish Expressions that they can use during class. This encourages students to keep the conversation of the class flowing in English by being able to expression their opinion in Spanish.This editable template allows you to choose your own expressions or use the 20 that are included.

    Spanish Expressions Bingo Card

    Las caras de Alma: Reviewing Emotions in Spanish

    Alma MovieTalk lesson

    15 Ways to practice vocabulary: Lesson Plans for Spanish Class

    Lesson Plans

    Alma MovieTalk Lesson

    Alma MovieTalk lesson

    Explaining Performance in the Proficiency Based World Language Classroom.

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