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luxury heirloom quality lambswool blanket Fashion, Lambswool, Heirloom Quality, Heirlooms, Dress, Luxury, Nun Dress, Quality
luxury heirloom quality lambswool blanket
a living room filled with furniture and a painting on the wall
Fox blankets #scintilla
a group of people standing in front of a large mirror with blue and white designs on it
people are standing in the window of a clothing store at night with their lights on
Scintilla at Spark.
there are many different items on the shelf in this room that is decorated with black and white fabric
Scintilla Smash & Grab. Photo Alisa Kalyanova
the black and white bedding has an animal print pattern
a room with several chairs and paintings on the wall, including one in yellow chair
Scintilla is the home textiles company that brings avant-garde ideas from fashion into home decor. The new collection from Scintilla features strikingly intriguing graphics. The trademark visuals defy definition –is it a feather? A bug? A face? A mask? What you see may well have more to do with who you are.
a bed with many pillows on top of it and a window in the back ground
Scintilla #bedlinen #home
a white chair with a pillow on top of it sitting in front of a mirror
Pillow by Scintilla
an abstract design in blue and yellow
SCINTILLA | SMASH & GRAB POSTER Ink jet printed on Munken paper. Limited edition of 11. Specially made for the SMASH & GRAB show at Spark Design Space.
Scintilla pyjamas Icelandic Design, Hipster Girls, Cotton Pyjamas, Textiles, Yellow
Scintilla pyjamas
a black and pink towel with an animal face on the front, it is made out of
Blanket by Scintilla ltd.
a black and pink towel with an animal face on the front, it is made out of
Bed Cloth by Scintilla Unlimited
a white and blue tiger head with pink accents on it's face, against a white background
Bedlinen by Scintilla Unlimited
a white towel with an embroidered design on it
Catch some rays atop this comfortable Rorschach-patterned Beach Towel from Scintilla. Think about it: richly textured, colorful cotton is the only thing between you and billions of piping hot granules of sun-soaked sand. Yet there you are, blissfully relaxed. It’s all about perspective.