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Sparkly "Frozen" bath - in an average size bathtub drop 2 blue Crayola Bath Dropz in the water and a little over 2 pinches of super-fine blue glitter!!! Glitter must be super-fine otherwise the bigger pieces will sink. This can also be used for a Tinkerbell or Sophia bath!! Just use blue/yellow dropz for Tink and pink/blue dropz for Sophia!!!


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Okay I want to live in this woman's house or have her organize mine. This is amazing, ridiculous, overwhelming....all of it! Dollar tree items. Look at this Blog, Lots of Great stoarge/organizing ideas !


Boxes, Bins, Baskets and More Storage

To get balloon to hang upside down... put a marble in the balloon before you blow it up. I am determined to do this at a party someday.


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Sooo sweet! Sometimes, when it’s hard to let go, it helps to have something to hold onto. Carrie Bears comfort those who are grieving by helping them feel close to someone they have lost.


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A hilarious list of things one mom uses when her kids leave their stuff out all over the house. Seems like a lot more fun than nagging....I'm so doing this!


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Sprite and gummy bears... very cute and creative for the kids in the summer time.!!


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Hang towel rods upside down to use as unexpected hanging storage in the laundry room or a broom closet.


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Your child receives a quarter each time he helps out. Then he can "buy" from the house "store." Teach him about money & responsibility.


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saving your $5 bills throughout the year, i like this idea :) the five-dollar savings plan. It goes like this: Every time you find yourself with a five-dollar bill in your possession, you set it aside instead of spending it. At the end of the year, you use the money you've saved for either a big purchase or to do something you wouldn't normally spend the money to do.


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Never would have thought of this...Emergency Contact information for rescue workers on both sides of every car seat. Child's name, phone number, etc. In the event of a wreck most children in car seats can't or won't be able to give this information to rescue workers.


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