Made by Carl Boro

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made for friends in the desert

made for friends in the desert

Carl’s “Retro” Ball – Make-A-Sparkleball

Carl's "Retro" Ball - Make-a-Sparkleball

My favorite sparkleball may be the one Carl Boro makes with big old-school C9 bulbs, which he calls the “retro” ball. Carl is a former mechanical technician, and this precision shows in his sparkleballs. Even for him, the “retro” is pretty labor intensive. Carl wants the lights to point perfectly like a star, so he […]

Moonglow made with white cups.

Moonglow - Make-a-Sparkleball

Here’s a sparkleball made with Party City color hard plastic cups in “white.” The maker, Carl Boro,paired them with warm white LED lights for a soft ivory pearlescence. Total moon-glow. Because of the cup’s shape, each half is built in four rings: 14 – 11 – 6 – 1 (64 cups in all.) To see […]

Drilling The Perfect Hole

The Perfect Hole - Make-a-Sparkleball

I’ve given Carl Boro a lot of credit on this site, and no wonder. If anyone knows about building sparkleballs, it’s Carl. Probably his very best tip is the 1/2″ step drill bit. Carl uses the bit in a drill press. (video here) I use mine in a hand drill. The bit costs about $14, but it makes absolutely perfect holes. Lights […]

Carl Boro is a #sparkleball master, and his garage is a fantasy of color and light. These hard plastic cups are joined with silicone caulk.

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Getting Your Sparkleball Really Round :)

Getting Your Sparkleball Really Round :) - Make-a-Sparkleball

Tis the sparkleball season! Time to get stapling! There are lots of videos on youtube to show you how to build an original sparkleball. But they don’t always show you the best way or the tricks of the trade. That’s why it’s nice to have some step-by-step instructions with a few shortcuts and some technique thrown […]

"Can I hotglue a sparkleball together?"

"Can I hotglue a sparkleball together?" - Make-a-Sparkleball

Yes and no. Yes, if the hotglue is so hot it literally melts the cups to each other. This works best on hard plastic cups. But no, hotglue isn’t great for putting Solo cups together in a sparkleball. The cups just resist the glue. (There are chemical reasons for this.) Carl Boro uses […]