Gardening: Grow Your Own Food

The board collects all the best information we can find about gardening and growing your own food. Get great tips on easy-to-grow vegetables, garden plans, instructions on bed-building & more!
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Do you need a beginner's guide to fruit and vegetable gardening? Well, you're in luck because we have your avenue to growing your own healthy foods right here! Check it out and get a new idea or two for your garden planning.

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A Beginner's Guide to Fruit and Vegetable Gardening

Antioxidants...what are they and why are they good for your health? Get the low down on what they are and what healthy foods have them so you can make sure to add them to your meals and snacks!

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The Antioxidant Guide

There are many, many great reasons to grow your own food, and here are just 8 of them! It's not too late to plant a vegetable garden--it's healthy and a great way to get good foods into your diet!

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The Benefits of Growing Your Own Food

Start seeds indoors and harvest them sooner with this great article on gardening. You can harvest your crops sooner and save money. It's not too late to start a garden at your home.

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A Gardener's Guide to Starting Seeds Indoors

Grow your own, living salad garden in your backyard! Get the details, from what to grow to how to grow it, right here! You'll love this handy infographic for when you want to grow your own healthy dinner!

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A Guide to Growing Your Own Living Salad Garden

Keep up your fitness in your own backyard with this 15-minute workout just for gardeners! While growing your healthy veggies for your insides, why not take some time to take care of your outsides too? You'll love to exercise in the great outdoors--are you ready for the challenge?

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The 15-Minute Gardener's Workout

You want a salad. Now what? You could pick up a sub-par one at a drive-thru, put together one at the grocery or simply go to your own backyard garden and grab exactly what you want in a matter of minutes. Doesn't that sound incredibly healthy and fun? Learn how to grow your own garden with great tips from Home Depot.

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A Guide to Growing Your Own Living Salad Garden

Grow your own living salad bowl! Pick your salad from your own backyard--veggie by veggie. It doesn't get any fresher than that. Plus, think of the satisfaction of eating a healthy meal you have grown on your own!

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A Guide to Growing Your Own Living Salad Garden

You can start seedlings indoors with our gardener's guide to starting seedlings indoors. Save money, and harvest your crops sooner in the season. It's a gardening delight!

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A Gardener's Guide to Starting Seeds Indoors

Is there a reason that you should go organic? We tell you why you should, and then you can make the decision for yourself whether or not it's a healthy choice for you!

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Why Go Organic?

Just starting out in the garden? Not to worry, we have some great tips for gardening that you're going to love! It's healthy and fun--plus, you can sneak in some exercises while you garden too.

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A Beginner's Guide to Fruit and Vegetable Gardening

Check out this fun and functional gardening gear for spring! You'll love to garden in these goodies! Tis the season!

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Fun & Functional Gardening Gear for Spring

Get fit in your own yard as you workout with yard work! You can exercise while you get in your outdoor chores--it's easy! Try it and see how healthy it can be to mow the lawn, dig in your garden and pull weeds. Who would have thought?!

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Work Out with Yard Work

You can garden and workout at the same time! Yes, you read that correctly--get in your exercise while you tend to your gardening. This is a healthy way to work in exercise to your every day chores. Why not try this challenge today?

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The 15-Minute Gardener's Workout

Money doesn't grow on trees, but healthy foods do! Discover 23 edible arbors that produce fresh fruit and nuts you can include in any recipe.

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The Giving Tree: Add 23 Edible Plants to Your Garden

Wouldn't it be nice if you could just grab some fresh herbs right out of your own herb garden? Well, it's really easy! Here, we show you how you can grow your own herbs to add to any healthy recipe!

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How to Grow Your Own Herbs for Cooking

Simple ways to preserve fruits and veggies for the novice! You, too can be saving and storing your produce for future use. It's easy, healthier, and budget-friendly!

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Simple Ways to Preserve Fruits and Vegetables

You, too, can grow your own foods. Try these edible arbors you can grow in your own backyard and enjoy year-round. They make a great gift idea, too!

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The Giving Tree: Add 23 Edible Plants to Your Garden

Don't throw away that organic waste. You can put it to good use as compost for your garden. If you're not sure how, try this intro to composting 101.

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A Beginner's Guide to Composting

Should you go organic? What's in it for you? Is it any healthier than eating commercial produce? Find out what works for your health and why.

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Why Go Organic?

How to freeze summer squash...what to do with all that summer squash that you have in the garden. Get ready to freeze your heart out--you can save all that healthy squash you worked so hard to grow this summer to enjoy year-round!

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Freezing Summer Squash - Becky's Best Bites

Is there a good reason for you to go organic? We break it down for you--what does it mean, is it healthy and should you buy organic foods for your and your family?

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Why Go Organic?

If you're eager to join the movement toward eating healthy, locally and sustainably, but don't have the backyard square footage to establish your own vegetable garden, then joining a CSA could be the perfect way for you to enjoy fresh, healthy seasonal produce at an affordable price.

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How Do Community Supported Agriculture Programs (CSAs) Work?

Get fit in your backyard with these great workout ideas. Are you working out in the garden? Then you can exercise too! So many good ideas

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Work Out with Yard Work

Always wanted to start a fruit or vegetable garden but not sure where to begin? Let us help you! It's so fun to grow your own food--and so healthy and economical too! Get started here and you'll be well on your way to eating your own veggies for dinner.

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A Beginner's Guide to Fruit and Vegetable Gardening