Run Your Butt Off

Whether you want to run your first 5K, or are looking for exercises to help you shave time off your marathon, these running workouts, tips and inspiration for all levels will help you reach your goals.
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Could a running group be just the thing you need to get your running groove back on? We've found that running with a friend or a group of friends can help you set your pace, be motivational and inspiring, especially when your workout is a long one!

Small or Large, Running Groups Help You Take Charge

Could running with like-minded people be just the thing you need to get you over your running slump? Running communities are everywhere--what a good idea to check into one yourself and see if it's the workout change you need in your life.

Small or Large, Running Groups Help You Take Charge

From oceanfront 5Ks to mountainside marathons, these 50 breathtaking races prove that the journey really does trump the destination.What are you waiting for? Get running!

50 States, 50 Beautiful Races

Get up--and over--any hill with these 5 tips for running up inclines. It's important to watch your form and to take it easy, but what else will help you get up that hill? Read on to find out more!

Power Up and Over Any Hill with These 5 Training Tips

Not sure how often you should replace your running shoes? Try these 4 tests to see if your shoes pass the test. You'll thank us after your next workout!

How Often Should I Replace my Running Shoes?

You hate the treadmill, but love the cardio high you get from running. We can make the 'dreadmill' a bit easier for you by following these 6 tips. Try one or more during your next workout!

6 Secrets to Take the Dread Out of the Treadmill

We have compiled the top 100 running songs of ALL TIME. Do you need motivation for your next workout? This might be all you need to get you through your next run.

The Top 100 Running Songs of All Time

If you're ready to train for your first 5K, but not sure where to start, don't worry! SparkPeople's certified trainers have created three different training programs to help walk or run a 5K based on where you are right now! So if you think you need to start at the beginning--or are already halfway there with your running routine, check out our 5K exercise plans.

5K Training Plans for Walkers and Runners

When running a half marathon, finding the right race pace and eating the right breakfast could be the difference between finishing strong and hitting the wall.

Pacing & Fueling along the Half Marathon Race Route

Does running leave your leg muscles tight and sore? After your next run, try these 13 poses to help stretch your hips and thighs! You'll see how well running and yoga complement each other.

The 13 Best Yoga Poses for Runners

Have you run any of these 50 beautiful races in 50 states? If not, which one would you most like to get into your running life?

50 States, 50 Beautiful Races

Spark your way to a 10K! Follow our workout plans and you'll be walking or running a 10K in no time! What are you waiting for--this is the motivation you need!

Spark Your Way to a 10K

What will you need for your half marathon training? Give up? Good thing we are here for you! Check out these running essentials--and let us guide you through your next workout session.

Gear Up! Essentials for Your Half Marathon Training

Want to run without injury? Try these 10 tips to keep you injury-free when you're running or walking a race!

10 Tips for Injury-Free Training

Rhonda fell in love with a half marathon and ran her way to a 75-pound weight loss! How inspirational. If you want to learn more about Rhonda's inspirational fitness journey and how she became a runner, click here.

Home Is Where the Half Marathon Is

What are the half marathon essentials that you'll need to get through your race? Find out right here--get your running gear and get going! You'll want to keep your health in tip-top shape to make it through this strenuous workout, and the right gear is integral!

Gear Up! Essentials for Your Half Marathon Training

Running uphill got you down? Power up and over any hill with these 5 training tips. You can do it!

Power Up and Over Any Hill with These 5 Training Tips

We are running the Flying Pig half marathon--want to join us? Follow along as we tackle hill climbing, getting the right gear, injury prevention and other running workout essentials.

We'll Run When Pigs Fly: Meet the Runners

Run injury free with these 10 tips. When you want to keep your health in tip-top shape and remain injury-free, try these running exercise tips!

10 Tips for Injury-Free Training

Try this stretching routine for runners. Stretching is really important to make sure your muscles stay nice and limber--and to help avoid injury. Is this the routine your running workout has been missing?

10-Minute Stretching Routine for Runners Video

Does the treadmill hurt or help your progress? Find it out here first! Not all exercise is created equal. Sometimes you need to take your workout outdoors--even though your first instinct is to get your fitness in on the cardio machines at the gym!

Are You Cheating Yourself by Choosing the Treadmill?

When you run past another runner--do you get 'the wave'? Should you wave back? What's the proper etiquette? Learn what this means and what you should do when running for exercise. Let this be your guide!

To Wave or Not to Wave: What’s the Proper Running/Walking Etiquette?

If you're a runner, you need to strength train too! Try these 4 must-do moves to round out your fitness routine. Your running will benefit from the strength training.

Strength Training Workouts for Runners

Have you tried any of these 50 beautiful races throughout the 50 united states? These races will really get you motivated to try running! What a fun way to exercise through beautiful scenery. You almost forget you're working out!

50 States, 50 Beautiful Races

We ran the 5K and are happy to report back 5 lessons we have learned. Read on to see if you could benefit from our advice and plans so you can conquer a race or any exercise or fitness plan.

8 Lessons from My First 5K Race