Shahrzaad Parekh

Shahrzaad Parekh
Mumbai, India / While waiting for ET contact to occur, I like to dabble in photography, listening to U2 and lend a helping hand to anyone who needs one.
Shahrzaad Parekh
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The Grand Canyon lit up by lightning

These awe-inspiring photos of Mother Nature might just be reason enough to give a thankful nod on Earth Day. Here, using clever low exposure techniques, photographer Rolf Maeder managed to capture multiple lightning strikes hitting the Grand Canyon.

Bird's-eye view of Space Shuttle Endeavour as it flies over the Mojave Desert on the back of a modified Boeing 747

The space shuttle Endeavour,fresh from the mission and mounted atop its modified Boeing 747 carrier aircraft, flies over California's Mojave Desert on a three-day trip back to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Wednesday Dec. By AP Photo/NASA

Sharp Security

Brandt, Tanya - Dog & Raptor on Park Bench {I imagine these are the gifts of an ever so thoughtful father to his young 'animal crazy' daughter- who is actually 'Sweet the father having, of course, no ulterior motive.

A USAF F-16 prepares for take-off as a Indian Air Force Su-30MKI queues up for its turn during Red Flag 2016 in Alaska.

A USAF prepares for take-off as a Indian Air Force queues up for its turn during Red Flag 2016 in Alaska wallpaper/ background for iPad mini/ air/ 2 / pro/ laptop

The Queen Mary 2 and her Captain.

To mark the Anniversary of the iconic ocean liner, RMS Queen Mary Cunard captain, Captain Kevin Oprey, agreed to go overboard and pose for these amazing photos from the bulbous bow of his massive ship.

Two shuttles, Atlantis (foreground, STS-125), and Endeavour (background, STS-400) on launch pads at the same time, with Endeavour ready for a potential rescue mission.

Space shuttle Atlantis (foreground, on Launch Pad A) prior to its' mission to repair the Hubble Space Telescope (Endeavour stands by on Pad B in case a rescue mission is necessary) (Sept (NASA Troy Cryder)