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Stalker cat…

This is my cats and my kids! I need a kid hand under the door, a second cat pushing its head in and another kid telling me ever lil detail from the outside. That would be my bathroom experiences, till they all get in, then I'm just royally *f*!

Yes please

There are 4 tips to buy this shirt: sweat love quotes sweater clothes grey quote on it jacket quote on it hoodie.

... true

True, Snoopy, Peanuts, Charlie Brown, quote: 'Awkward is my specialty'

So true lol

I don't always do the vacuuming but when I do I spend of the time trying to suck up something I could pick up with my hands instantly The Most Interesting Man In The World


I won't see more than 30 minutes of the movie before I fall asleep.→→ so true I could cry :'(

sounds like me

it's sit bra-less and watch Criminal Minds. the same Criminal Minds I've seen 10 other times before. :) Love me some Criminal Minds.


Funny Drinks/Happy Hour Ecard: I wanted to reward myself with a hard-earned glass of wine after a long week. Then I realized it was only Monday.

So.  Good.  Thank you, @Molly Sepulvado.  Thank you.

This is my favorite Anti-Joke Chicken joke by far.

Funny pictures about Anti-Joke Chicken's double shot. Oh, and cool pics about Anti-Joke Chicken's double shot. Also, Anti-Joke Chicken's double shot photos.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Free and Funny Thanksgiving Ecard: Happy Thanksgiving. Don't forget to set your scales back 10 pounds tonight.

said every cat ever.

Let me rub my face on all the stuff you are doing . - said every cat ever.

Twilight Drinking Game rules

Twilight Drinking Game rules

Funny pictures about Twilight Drinking Game. Oh, and cool pics about Twilight Drinking Game. Also, Twilight Drinking Game.