NurtureStore shares a bedtime recipe for sensory delight -- lavender dyed rice! From busy hands straight to sweet dreams!

Bedtime sensory tub: lavender dyed rice

A bedtime sensory tub with lavender dyed rice. just right for chilled out kids. Do you have any 'magic' ways to transition your kids from play to bedtime? I bet you could use lavender essential oil if you don't have flowers.

Share & Remember gives her recipe for sensory smelling bottles. Pinned by SPD Blogger Network. For morse sensory-related pins, see

5 senses theme - DIY smelling bottles made from spice containers with a cotton ball and a few drops of cooking extracts or essential oils.

Play Create Explore shares an artistic experience with spice painting! Just use old spices and glue for a smell-sight expereince. Pinned by SPD Blogger Network. for more sensory-related pins, see

A wonderful idea to paint with spices from The Children's Art Group - great sensory art idea. - - white glue and spices

This simple craft from The Preschool Toolbox uses Jello and a free printable template for eggs-ceptional fun. The finished eggs carry the Jello scent! Pinned by SPD Blogger Network. For more sensory-related pins, see

Easter Crafts for Preschool: Sensory Scented Easter Eggs, Bunny Pops, and More

Another amazing sensory recipe from The Imagination Tree. Salt is great for pre-writing activities or for sensory bins -- and this one appeals to multiple senses! Pinned by SPD Blogger Network @spdbn

Lavender and Glitter Sensory Salt

Lavender & Glitter Sensory Salt - wonderful sensory play material for mark-making, pre-writing, fine-motor skills, sensory investigation & relaxing playtime fun (",)

Do you have a sensory seeker who can't get enough smells? @Beachbrights shares a quick cheap way to get a smell fix! Pinned by SPD Blogger Network. For more sensory-related pins, see

Smell - What everyone forgets to include in sensory diets! like the salt shaker idea.less noisy than pop-top bottles

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