April 25 – Belgian astronaut Frank De Winne

Posted on April 2014 For many years, the only astronauts in the world were either American or Russian. And the Russian astron.

April 18 – Children's author Monteiro Lobato

Posted April 2014 Just as the English-language world enjoys the tales of Christopher Robbin's stuffed bear and other toys, t.

April 24 – Haberdasher and demography pioneer John Graunt

Ester Tradescant and son detail - in Western European fashion - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

April 8 – Dorie Cooper

Posted on April 2014 In Memory of Dorie Cooper The origin of this day is at once heartwarming and tragic, happy and sad.

April 3 – Canadians in show biz, such as Cobie Smulders

Movie Cobie Smulders As Robin Scherbatsky In How Met Your Mother Backgrounds Wallpapers Feet

April 3 - Conservationist John Burroughs

From his youth, Burroughs was an avid fly fisherman. This photo is from his 1906 book Camping and Tramping with Roosevelt.

April 29 - Emperor Hirohito

Posted on April 2017 Today's Japanese holiday has been renamed twice. It is the birthday of Emperor Shōwa - also known a.

April 28 - President Monroe

Awesome video for the War of CC Cycle week To the song Battle of New Orleans!

April 2 - Filipino poet laureate Francisco Balagtas

Francisco Balagtas's biography and life story.Francisco Baltazar y dela Cruz, known much more widely through his nom-de-plume Francisco Balagtas, was a prominent Filipino poet, and is widely considered as the Tagalog.