April 5 – National Go for Broke Day

"Go For Broke" official song of the Regimental Combat Team by Pfc Harry Hamada

April 19 - National Health Day in Kiribati

Saving Kiribati: a blueprint to rescue sinking state - Telegraph

April 27 – Independence Day in Togo

Posted on April 2016 Two West African nations celebrate their independence today. Here's a difference: Togo became inde.

April 14 – Pan-American Day

Posted on April 2016 When I was a kid, we sometimes talked about “Pan-American” issues in school. Since the prefix pan - m.

April 4, 2016 – Square Root Day

Posted on April 2016 This is definitely not an annual holiday. In other words, many years, there is no Square Root Day.

April 23 – National Sovereignty Day in Turkey

How Atatürk Made Turkey Secular

April 30 - Spank Out Day

Posted on April 2017 Did you know that every professional organization in the U. and Canada that is concerned with education.

April 26 - Confederate Memorial Day

Posted on April 2017 Did you know that several states celebrate Confederate Memorial Day? In Texas, it's called Confederate.

April 25 - Freedom Day in Portugal

Posted on April 2017 In Portugal had a revolution. I'm happy to report that this revolution was not a long, violent war.

April 24 - Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day

Christian explorers claim to have found in 2007 and 2008 seven large wooden compartments buried at feet meters) above sea level, near the peak of Mount Ararat. This is used as proof for the founding of Noah's Ark in the Turkish volcano.

April 17 - Syria's Independence Day

Syrians deserve justice and airstrikes will not bring that to them. Trump needs to work with Congress and our allies in the UN.