Very original idea.

Funny pictures about Three beautiful forced perspective photos. Oh, and cool pics about Three beautiful forced perspective photos. Also, Three beautiful forced perspective photos.

19th Century coquilla nut pomander and nutmeg grater

~ Century Coquilla Nut Pomander And Nutmeg Grater ~

Work in progress. Thumbelina locket. Hans Christian Andersen inspired. Claire English. Special Jewellery London. Nuts x

Work in progress. Nuts x

Just too cute

Fairy Mouse House Baby Carriage ~The pram is made from a walnut shell with a hairpin handle. The wheels are black wooden discs between clothing snaps and eyelets.

Silver lined & hinged Walnut Shell containing miniature silver needlework set!

A tiny walnut shell sewing kit

Miniature book bound in Walnut Shell

Walnut shell book- tiny book from the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair // part of the the McGehee Lindemann Miniature Book Collection donated to University of Virginia // Photo by Luca DiCecco

Folk Art child's toy pram made from walnut shells & wire

Folk Art child's toy pram made from walnut shells & wire

Carved walnut 19th C Snuff bottle

Carved walnut C Snuff bottle

Thumbelina worry doll

hatred is compassion shell, if the shell breaks, the young plants will appear…

Gold Gilt Nativity Scene set in Walnut shell on pedestal

"This unique and magnificnet miniature Nativity scene in the shell of a walnut has been created in the Ortwin Thyssen Jewellery Maker workshop.

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Charles Miller Carved Basket

Contemporary Makers: Charles Miller Carved Basket from a walnut

Antique sewing kit

nutsnip couldn't resist French 1812 - Sewing case with needle, thimble, scissors, et al in walnut case.


playing with the moon is like you know awesome! when i was at the beach we woke up at like and we were playing with the sun! ( it is still as good as playing with the moon)

un libro da una noce

Book building for children

Kilmouski & Me: Every Village Needs A Shop (Nutshell House)

Nut Shell House by My Dollhouse Miniature


Rare century antique miniature perfume bottle with walnut-shaped case.

vintage shellfish tape measures

antique silver tape measures in shapes of sea shells (ocean, seashore, beach)

antique Tiffany sterling engraved egg shaped needle and thimble case

SEWING: Antique Tiffany Sterling Silver Engraved Egg-shaped Needle and Thimble Case.

Queen Anne Tombstone-Back Wall Shelf, America, 18th century

Queen Anne Tombstone-Back Wall Shelf, America, century (Ok, this is not a box, but it's "small woodworking")

A tiny étui encased in a walnut with silver metal fittings. Includes scissors, thimble, needle, pin case, and stiletto.

An antique necessaire made from a walnut shell, the interior mounted in engraved…