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The first cars in the late 1800s had brakes that functioned like the brakes on old horse-drawn carriages.More details here http://www.yorkchryslerdodgejeep.com/

The first cars in the late had brakes that functioned like the brakes on old horse-drawn carriages. You know, those brakes you see on the old Western

In the 1920s, cars were getting bigger and heavier and, as a result, they needed more powerful engines.More details here http://www.buttondodge.com/

There’s so much more to the Escalade than its facade. In Cadillac's biggest SUV, style meets substance.

During WWII, engineers within the Nazi regime devised some of the best and most-advanced weaponry of the time. One German fighter plane, the Focke-Wulf FW 190 for a time outperformed anything the Allies could put in the air. More details here http://www.landroverofnaperville.com/

In regards to styling, 2018 Land Rover Discovery will be substantially different, compared to the second generation.

Technology from the Space Race – More details here http://www.bobfisherchev.com/

In the early President John F. Kennedy issued a challenge to NASA to safely land a man on the moon.

There are a lot of beautiful scenic areas in this country and they are just a car ride away in many cases. We asked our friends at Land Rover of Naperville, IL, a well-known Land Rover dealer to help us make a list of the 7 most popular and here they are.  Is one or more near you? Time to take it off the bucket list!More details here http://www.landroverofnaperville.com/

BMW has revealed a special edition GT Spirit in Japan, to celebrate the finish of BMW’s Z[…]

In the early days of the automobile, there was little thought given to how safe they were. After all, these were machines designed really for one purpose: to get from point A to point B. Plus, it wasn’t until vehicle speeds increased that the general public and the car manufacturers, realized how dangerous cars could actually be.More details here http://www.fdford.com/

Ford Performance has just announced a new upgrade kit for the 2015 Ford Focus ST that reliably boosts power to 275 ponies.