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Try being a dispatcher!


Second favorite "friends" episode. First is when Ross wears leather pants. Everytime we move furniture around I crack up thinking of this scene.

I used to work for the woman who made these!

Keep your face toasty warm under the original beanie beard hat with cozy crochet beards

Definite resemblance...

Oh, Sesame Street, Angry Birds and The Muppets.

My head is too big and my arms are too small!

Poor Rex

Funny pictures about Poor Rex. Oh, and cool pics about Poor Rex. Also, Poor Rex photos.


What kids learned about science from. Bill Nye the Science Guy! Frizzle of course. I say this is funny.but as someone who is in the schools and a future teacher, these stats are most likely very accurate. Sadly science just isn't a priority

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funny caption what happens when I ask my husband for help

F.R.I.E.N.D.S <3

This is the best! Friends (Joey and Phoebe playing Rock Paper Scissors) Fire beats everything. Does it beat water balloon?

I don't have the patience to do this, but so cool!

Toy Story nail-polish-nail-art-polish-rings-more

Maybe they were adopted...

Emperor penguin family portrait - reminds me of Happy Feet

*I have a hare on my head!"

A Retriever has become surrogate mother to two baby rabbits. Six-year-old Koa has taken the bunnies under her paw after they were found abandoned. I love how theres no prejudice in the animal world--we all could learn a thing or two from that/ BUNNY HAT