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two wrenches and a pair of pliers on a black background
A rare photo of a mother wrench feeding scraps to her young babies! - funny post
Mother Wrench feeding her young
the tide bottles have turned red and green for sale in a grocery store with caption that reads, they're the tides have turned red
30 Puns That are So Bad They’re Ridiculously Good
The tides have turned!
You are the best! Translation Fail, Funny Translations, Bad Translations, Funny Sign Fails, Funny Chinese, Language Translation, Laughing And Crying, Lost In Translation
35 Hilarious Chinese Translation Fails
You are the best!
an image of a diagram of the human neck and head with caption saying it's right behind me, isn't it?
Sarcasm Society
Right behind you!
four different types of toilet paper on a pink background
33 Painfully True Facts About Everyday Life
Toilet Paper Styles
a young boy holding a remote control in his hand and looking at the camera text reads, dad what do you want for your birthday? - son i want a remote control
The Most Hilarious Dads On The Internet
This Dad, Who Took His Son's Birthday Request Very Literally
a comic strip with an image of a dog talking to another person
scottadams | Twitter | Linktree
Foreign Accent Idea