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7 Reasons Your Daughter Doesn't (Actually) Hate you

Fall into Fun Staycation - HOB Myrtle Beach

Fall into Fun Staycation - HOB Myrtle Beach

Yard Sale Supply Checklist | Free Printable Pure & Simple Organizing

bright student vs. gifted learner (GREAT for parents to read!), hmm very interesting

5 Components of a Depression Wellness Plan




Come out, come out....

Sunning at the hostel

ABC The Glass House - Erica www.abctheglassho...

Ian Terry Big Brother 14 cast

Stopping the Angry Words! | - Important information for everyone!!!!!

Calming Sensory Bottles-Fill bottle one-fourth to one-third full with light corn syrup-Add mylar (shiny) confetti in the shape or shapes of your choice-Seal tightly using hot glue if available. Why It Is Calming-Try it and you'll see! The syrup glides down the sides of the bottle very slowly; bringing the confetti right along. No wonder this one is sometimes called a Stress Bottle-This is one of the kids crafts that is great for a child with ADHD. Repinned by SOS Inc. Resources @sostherapy.

10 Facts About Dr. Seuss Books - this was VERY interesting!!!

Unlocking a car with a tennis ball... I'll be so happy I repinned this one day

Great article on the problem of entitlement

Previous pinner says,This is how I learned my multiplication facts and still use it to this day!!- cool finger trick to remember any multiplication fact for 6-10

These Tips Are Pretty Mind Blowing!

Elephant Communication by It's been known for some time that elephants communicate via extremely low pitched vocalizations known as infrasounds, over distances of miles. The mechanism of sound production has been unknown. Scientists have now been able to reproduce these sounds by manipulating the folds of a cadaver elephant's larynx into a vocal ready, relatively static position and blowing streams of warm, humid air over it. #Elephants #Communication #Infrasounds #planetsave

Photography Tips – Better Composition and Lighting Tips

~ 25 Rules for Mothers & Daughters...this made me cry! (btw-I couldn't read this-mom)

jane eyre

stupid but true cat humor

20 Things I Wish I Knew About Photography Posing