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Creatures Great and Small

Creatures, from kitties to cresties and everything else!

Creatures Great and Small

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Linda the Lynx and Darling the calico, living as friends in the St. Petesburg Zoo ♥

Miniature Melo, Micromelo undata

Minature Melo: a Snail Made of Starlight | The Featured Creature

Snails ♥

White Nudibranch


beautiful female orb weaver spider guarding egg sac

Venezuelan Poodle Moth

Northern Ghost Bat

Static Electricity

Static Electricity - Morph List - World of Ball Pythons
  • David Rust
    David Rust

    Thats some crazy patterning. Beautiful!

Togo Starburst Tarantula

Heteroscodra maculata aka Togo Starburst Tarantula

Orange Dream Spider

Coral Glow Spider morph ball python

Coral Glow Spider - Morph List - World of Ball Pythons

Super Anaconda morph Western Hognose Snake

Super Anaconda - Morph List - World of Hognose
  • Nathaniel Blair
    Nathaniel Blair

    I love yourwestern hognose snake

Spider morph Western Hognose Snake

Morph List - World of Hognose

Pink Pastel Western Hognose Snake

Pink Pastel - Morph List - World of Hognose


Megaphobema rubustum - Colombian Giant Tarantula

Carphophis vermis - Western wormsnake from Scott County, Arkansas.

Carphophis by michael-ray on deviantART

Westie/Maltese cross puppy.

Eurycea tynernesis - Oklahoma salamander

Eurycea tynerensis by michael-ray on deviantART

Sugar Bee ♥

Kaloula pulchra / Asian painted frog mid-meal

Love ♥

Love by PaganFireSnake on deviantART