Animal Handprint ABC's

Mommy & Me Book: Handprint ABCs

Animal Handprint ABC's - Look at the handprint/footprint board to make the ABC's in the 9 weeks of summer. Start after VBS and do 3 per week as preschool art project.

Tractor footprints! Aiden would love this

Absolutely love these footprint ideas!John Deere Tractor Foot Print don't have a boy or a tractor, but LOVE this!


hand print craft - fishbowl LOVE THIS. Day 1 paint white paper blue, Day 2 cut out fish bowls and put on orange child's handprint, Day 3 glue on bubbles, eyes and gravel (beans)!

Ghost craft

Halloween Handprint & Footprint Ghosts

What is better than handprint art? Handprint AND footprint art! I am a sucker for it :) Halloween Handprint & Footprint this!

Handprints for Kid Calendar

Handprint art - for every month - would be a great calendar gift! This is actually cute handprint idea! But I'd do a pink heart. red hands are too creepy for me!

Valentines day

I love any handprint or footprint project. This handprint-heart valentine is darling.

Footprint this is cute! I would totally do this for a kids craft in the near future!!!

Thinking ahead to Christmas! Handprint and Footprint Art : My Top 10 Favorite Christmas Crafts made with hands & feet from around the Web