There's no need to repeat yourself I ignored you just fine the first time! Lol I definitely work with people this applies to!

These are all true.

Honest slogans of popular brands. - my favorites and the most true.Pepsi, Chapstick, and the Wii Dille

The "My Dad Is a Lawyer": | 23 Outfits Every Single Person Will Immediately Recognize

23 Outfits Every Single Person Will Immediately Recognize

Oh jeez, so true. There were a lot of guys I graduated high school with that had fathers who were lawyers. They dressed like this. Also, in college, frat boys.

Brutally honest (28 photos)

Brutally honest (28 photos)

"I'm not saying I'm Batman. I'm just saying no one has ever seen me and Batman in a room together." T-Shirt. THIS IS AWESOME. I want this shirt!

this is my too cold to function hoodie - I have one of those, Charles hates when I wear it in front of him. He says it's the most unsexy thing he has ever seen LOL

Too Cold To Function Hoodie

Too cold to function. *Due to shortage, sweaters may be fulfilled on an Alternative Apparel Pullover Hoodie (see photos for example) Digitally printed on Cotton for a soft and comfort

So funny

For my Ice cream lovers-Scotty & mac & tiff! Sesame Street Joke: When Bert asked Ernie "Would you like some ice cream?" what did he say? Ernie said "Sure, Bert!

Sweet Emotion.

Dude Looks Like A Lady.not sure at all about this picture but my love for Steven Tyler and Aerosmith will always remain! Love this crazy ass dude!

Sometimes you just need a break from people | Community Post: 20 Life Lessons We Learned From "Gilmore Girls"

People Are Particularly Stupid Today Photo: This Photo was uploaded by mauverelic. Find other People Are Particularly Stupid Today pictures and photos o.

I DON'T CARE .... - http://www.razmtaz.com/i-dont-care/

I know I come off as I hate my job but seriously the people annoy the fawk out of me! (Pretty much sums it up for me!

He had sass for days. | 19 Reasons Jess Was The Perfect Match For Rory

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