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Another Gappy sighting :)


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"My 4 year old son could not get enough of this app and I could not get over what an original idea this was."


Learn Alphabet with AlphaTots | iGameMom

Operation Math™ ($1.99) 105 Missions based on 3 different skill levels. • All binomial addition/subtraction equations for #s 1-20 • All binomial multiplication/division equations for numbers 1-12 • Ability to select missions based on skill level and operatives (+, -, +/-, x, ÷, x/÷ and +/-/x/÷) • Training that tracks consecutive answers and preps players for active missions • 30 un-lockable watches and uniforms that encourage game play • Quick reference addition & multiplication tables


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Appy Hour: Tally Tots

"This app is definitely a kid pleaser, and it will be a mom favorite, too, as they watch their little ones' counting skills take off!"


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Although this app is recommended for ages 6-12, it’s still a solid math testing app even for older kids. Up to four players can play at once, each taking the role of a secret agent hoping to foil Dr. Odd plan to rid the world of math. Timed exercises allow the team to choose addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication, or a mix — an Easy, Medium and Difficult mission level can also be selected. As players finish a stage, the following stage increases the difficulty. Players must…


5 Math Apps for Middle School Students

YodelOh Math Mountain - a fun iOS app for learning basic math skills


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Gappy's First Words [iPad, iPhone] - an app for reading and spelling practice (over 200 3 letter CVC and sight words).


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Speech Time Fun: Swapsies Sports!


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"Throw away your math flashcards, we’ve found something much better. Not only is Yodel Oh! Math Mountain more fun than boring drills, it holds kids’ attention. Fun Educational Apps awards it a Top Pick because of the way it keeps kids, age 6-12, practicing their facts longer than flashcards ever could."


Yodel Oh! Math Mountain- More Fun Than Flashcards -Top Math App Review - Fun Educational Apps for Kids

YodelOh™ Math Mountain ($0.99) HAVE FUN LEARNING: • All of your basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division math tables. • Multitasking, visual tracking and prioritizing. • The dangers of math-crazed mountain sheep. FEATURES: • All the addition/subtraction binomial equations for numbers 1-20. • All the multiplication/division binomial equations for numbers 1-12. • Five operator-based game modes (+,-,x,÷ and +/-/x/÷).


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