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I honestly got rid of all the stuff solely for the benefit of having a clearer mind and fewer distractions. But, the wonderful side benefit of all this is that I made $2,145 in 30 days selling stuff that I didn't even want any more! In this post I give you the specific details of where and HOW I sold the items so you can do it for yourself!

How I made $2,145 Last Month by decluttering

Mskcpotter: Genius Teacher Hack Have students copy and paste their essays to Google Translate and listen to it. They can more readily find/hear their mistakes.

Mskcpotter: Genius Teacher Hack

Make a name for yourself and your passion.

Top steps to success that a CEO won't tell you

As a single SAHM, I've had the privilege of getting to know the myriad of ways in which to earn extra income from home. Here are my top 10 favorites.

10 Easiest Ways to Earn Extra Income From Home - Sarah Titus

How to make money crocheting. Find out the secrets before the Christmas markets. #crochet

How to make money Crocheting

I sell on Etsy, Now what? Learn 6 things you should do as soon as you open up your shop!!

I Opened An Etsy Shop, Now What? -

100's of Etsy Marketing Tips

More than 300 tips to market your Etsy store - Launch Grow Joy

How to Blog: A Step-By-Step Guide - all the basics if you're just getting started

How to Blog: A Step-By-Step Guide - Amy Lynn Andrews

7 Interview Questions That Will Blow Hiring Managers Away | The Muse

7 Interview Questions That Will Blow Hiring Managers Away

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resume - still 1 page, but look at how much more it stands out! Different Fonts & block shading in light colors

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Resume - Gets more attention! I might need this someday

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I Want to Hire You ... But Your Resume Sucks - 30 career tips

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