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Bouncing Zombie Baby exclusively at Spirit Halloween - No one will want to come over and babysit when you display the Bouncing Zombie Baby. A baby has never been so terrifying, watch as he babbles eerie sayings and bounces after his victims. Make it yours for $69.99


Bouncing Zombie Baby – Spirit Halloween

New for 2014! Doug & Phil DeGrave exclusively at Spirit Halloween-Beware of the Doug & Phil DeGrave Zombie Baby prop because this devilish duo is joined at the hip! These two inseparable zombie babies feature blood-covered hands, yellow eyes and wicked teeth. Bring this creepy crawler home for $39.99!


Pt Crawler Static Z Baby – Spirit Halloween

Ouchy the Clown new for 2013 at Spirit Halloween - After being abandoned by the circus, Ouchy the Clown found refuge here at Spirit Halloween where he learned a few tricks while he waits for his new home. Adopt Ouchy for only $44.99 and find out what kind of tricks he has up his sleeves!


Ouchy the Clown – Spirit Halloween

Gargoyle Baby only at Spirit Halloween - Shhhh...little one needs its rest because once the sun fades this Gargoyle Baby comes to life. Perch it on your mantel or in your window, this guardian baby will protect your house! Add this unique prop to your collection for $32.99.


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The Walking Dead's Andrew Lincoln got a hold of one of Spirit's very own Zombie Babies! Watch out, he might be a walker Andrew.. Take a chance to find out yourself for only $22.99


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Spirit Halloween

Isabella Zombie Baby exclusively at Spirit Halloween - Come a little closer because this tiny one wants to sing you a song! Meet Isabella Zombie Baby, the knife wielding youngster who will try to sing you to sleep, but be careful, who knows what she'll do once you close your eyes! Add her to your Zombie Baby Nursery for only $49.99.


Isabella Zombie Baby® Prop – Spirit Halloween

Four Eyes Static Zombie Baby - Send a shiver down your visitors spines' with the Four Eyes Static Zombie Baby. Your guests can run but they can't hide from this baby holding bloodied eyes. New for 2014 for only $39.99


Four Eyes Static Zombie Baby – Spirit Halloween

Timmy Tumbles Zombie Baby exclusively at - You'll be head over heels at the sight of little Timmy Tumbles doing handstands in the devil's playground. This lifelike prop has the look and feel of a real baby, until you take a second look at the little monster's scary face and illuminated eyes! Take him with you for only $59.99.


Timmy Tumbles Zombie Baby®

Double Trouble Zombie Baby- New for 2014 and Spirit Halloween exclusive! Double trouble has taken on a whole new meaning with the Double Trouble Zombie Baby. These zombie twins are the perfect gruesome addition for your Halloween scene. Features twin zombie babies with oozing bite marks. Bring this deadly duo home for $39.99!


Double Trouble Zombie Baby – Spirit Halloween

Spider Baby Spirit Halloween Exclusive - Weave a web of spooky decorations when you adorn your home with this super creepy Spider Baby. Every baby needs a home, and this little guy is no different. Static prop features red eyes and six appendages. Add this baby to your collection for only $32.99.


Spider Baby – Spirit Halloween