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Life, yo!

Some Best LifeHacks! Some are pretty weird but others are pretty smart! 'If you're ever being buried alive tie your shirt around your head'. I'll TOTALLY remember that if I'm ever buried alive!


Funny pictures about A Letter From A Father To His Daughter. Oh, and cool pics about A Letter From A Father To His Daughter. Also, A Letter From A Father To His Daughter photos.


I Hate Winter. | Hoodie | Funny Frozen Disney Shirts


50s Dress // Vintage 1950s Miss Elliette Chiffon Party Dress in Violet Blue

This shirt sums up my life basically...

This shirt sums up my life basically.I just want to drink wine, save animals and take naps

I LOVE THESE SO MUCH (also Kristen I hope you see these)

Studded Anchor Earring Stud

It's not just me then..

HANGRY: a state of anger caused by lack of food; hunger causing a negative change in emotional state. Translation: Feed me or I'LL CUT YOU! It is the truth! But you won't go hangry with our portions

This necklace says lets go on an adventure! Love the snowy mountain tops in this simple and elegant pendant necklace. Be sure to check out the

Rose Gold Mountain Top Necklace, Dainty Mountain Pendant Necklace, Snowy Mountain Top Necklace, Mountain Charm, Nature Jewelry by TinksbyJustine on Etsy

Heart and anchor tattoo perfect little inkadoodle

Heart and anchor tattoo. The heart is for love, the cross is for faith, and the anchor is for hope.

So cute!

pregnancy announcement ideas: Maybe do one with the new baby in the picture too and have the sign say: I've BEEN Promoted to BIG BROTHER with a date on girl boy kid Baby

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