Porter the Mixed Breed

Porter the Mixed Breed -- Puppy Breed: Havanese / Terrier

Charlie the Shar Pei Mix

I'm half Shar-Pei and half pitbull. Believe it or not, someone let me and my sisters free in a public park about a month ago

Hinoki the Shiba Inu

"Hinoki the Shiba Inu loves playing with larger dogs." My two future dog breeds right there!

Tegan the Pembroke Welsh Corgi

My name is Tegan. I'm a 14 week old fluffy Pembroke Welsh Corgi. I love meeting people, stealing socks, and running at full speed everywhere I go. I'm incredibly stubborn when I want something or d

Maddie the Coton de Tulear

Maddie the Coton de Tulear, so precious, the picture almost looks fake!