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Julie Ann Montgomery
Julie Ann Montgomery
Julie Ann Montgomery

Julie Ann Montgomery

The first ones to get sold down the river... BUT the first ones that are called upon when those who forsake them need help! Truly pathetic

I died when I saw this, but it couldn't be more true — you'll NEVER carve out a defined set of abs if your diet is complete crap. Ab exercises build core muscle mass, accentuate individual ab muscles, and lay the foundation; a clean diet ensures that you can actually SEE what you've built.

Overly-Attached Cat Has Arrived

Well I couldn't just NOT pin this...the kitty was begging.... hip hop instrumentals updated daily =>

The law of common sense, something we seem to lack in our government

I have thought this SO many times.

gun control means using two hands...

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Gun Control

Ultra-Compact USB Drive

computer hardware chart (desktop ram)

I'd rather be known as the "crazy dog lady" than a "people person" because I may have lost my mind, but I've found my soul.

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don't care for the popular quote going around to surround yourself only with people who lift you up... how about those who don't lift you up but could use your help to lift them up...

You can't change how people treat you or what they say about you. You can however change how you react to it. If you show compassion you are always above it. Be the adult. Never lower yourself to their level of inmaturity.

Maya Angelou- very true, I think I'm going to start writing down things people say because no matter how many times you play it over in your head its never the same as when they said it.