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a cartoon boy with black hair and blue shirt
Oh Noah!
A PBS series called Oh Noah! has videos and games. Noah is visiting his grandmother where everyone speaks Spanish and he learns a little.
two children are standing in front of a yellow background with the words first love o'clock
Spanish Video for Kids - Telmo y Tula - Spanish Playground
The cartoon series Telmo y Tula teaches kids to cook simple dishes and do crafts - in Spanish. Wonderful for Spanish language learners!
a man is standing in front of a ferris wheel with cats and dogs on it
Oy Mexico - A Día de los Muertos App
Oy Mexico - Fun in Sight!. This app let your kid experience some of Mexico's finest traditions and ancient culture. It's a sw...
a cartoon train with cars on the track and an elephant riding in it's car
Babybug Spanish Magazine App
Babybug Spanish Magazine App |SpanglishBaby™
a monkey sitting on a swing with the caption la vida es un carnaval
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T-shirts, art and more with cute graphics and Spanish sayings
an animated image of two cats in a grocery store, one is running and the other is
El Perro y El Gato -- Supermercado (HBO Latino)
El Perro y El Gato -- Supermercado (HBO Latino) food words
The Smithsonian Latino Virtual Museum with Day of the Dead activities Spanish Holidays, Spanish Videos, Spanish Teaching Resources, Spanish Culture, Virtual Museum, Teaching Literacy, The Ritual
Are you an educator or parent looking for ways to... - lvmdayofdead
The Smithsonian Latino Virtual Museum with Day of the Dead activities
an image of a cartoon character with his feet up on the ground and hands in front of him
Spanish Rhyme with Actions - Si yo pongo mis dos manos para arriba - Spanish Playground
easy rhyme...arriba, abajo...
an orange shirt with words on it that says, ese momento when you start pensar en dos idioms at the same tempo
NameBright - Coming Soon
Oh yes!
an illustrated poster with green plants and numbers on the bottom right hand corner, which includes images of different types of vegetables
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Kids Spanish Vegetable Number and Food Placemat by Bebe Bilingual
four children's books with colorful illustrations and words on the covers, all in different colors
Spanish Kids Art Prints Inspiration Board
'Spanish Kids Art Prints' board on
the spanish language poster shows how to fly a kite
15 Spanish Words for KITE: Infographic